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Launching a new website and can be a lengthy process and there can be a significant amount of effort into strategy discussions on ensuring that your new platform will provide your clients or customers with a great user experience.  There’s no way around it, websites are still the hub of a digital ecosystem and the base of most conversions. If your sales funnel is full of brilliant social content and it’s working well (See my previous post The Value of Adding Content to your Sales Funnel) ) you are still most likely driving customers to a website as a conversion point.
However, one major ongoing strategy that is often missed by small to medium-sized businesses is reviewing your website’s data on a monthly basis for key insights into your business’ growth.
If you take anything away from reading this post, please at minimal, let it be that you will ensure whoever is developing your website is ensuring you are set up on Google Analytics (preferably with Google Tag Manager) and that you are granted full admin access to the Analytics account as the account owner.
 Here is an actual business case for why you should be reviewing this website’s data and utilizing it to create strategies for your business.
Several years ago I was engaged by a client to look into an issue they were having with sales in a specific city. They were a retail outfit and had a handful of stores across the province.  One of their stores was getting a significantly lower amount of foot traffic from people looking for a specific product offering. Their company was relatively doing well, but for some reason, they were finding no one seemed to know that they offered a specific set of products in this one specific city. They didn’t have the budget to launch a digital campaign specifically in this city just yet and needed to figure out why people weren’t coming to them for this product when they knew they had the best price in town.
The first thing I did is got myself into their Google Analytics account. The “Problem” quickly appeared. There was no product page specific to the city where noticed the problem. In this case, because they had a centralized website, and no e-commerce offering but rather product description pages, I noticed that there was traffic coming through to their product pages from every city EXCEPT the city they were noticing this problem.
It was an SEO problem, they were missing out on searches from the city for a specific product.  The next steps were creating an ongoing SEO strategy to better their website traffic from all of their target markets, but a quick fix was to start focusing on content that engaged people in that community who were searching for that specific product offering.

Here’s a look at the website’s data that was available in Google Analytics:
google analytics geo by city

The above screenshot shows the cities that website visitors were coming from, and it was clear that there was minimal traffic on the product pages from the city they were experiencing the lack of sales.
This is a perfect example of how and why you should be monitoring and reviewing your website’s data on a monthly basis. it’s critical to have an understanding of where your visitors are coming from and what they are doing on your website. You can then identify gaps or areas of opportunities that could potentially and significantly increase sales \ business.
Identifying Key Performance Indicators for all of your digital channels is essential to growth and success, however sometimes what you need is someone to review your data and present key insights to you on a monthly basis. We would love to partner with you on a customized service to provide this. It’s important to keep this affordable, and we want to ensure that it creates a real ROI. https://agency.media/contactContact us today if you are interested in discussing.