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As “they” say (does anyone know who “they” are), the shoe shiner’s shoes are always the dirtiest, the cobbler’s children always go barefoot, the dentist’s children always have cavities, and web companies always have the website in the “before” part of a “before and after” presentation. 

“But why?” You may be asking. “Aren’t you in the business of making websites? Shouldn’t your website, therefore, be amazing?” That’s precisely why we changed it. Our clients are always our number one priority, so we let ourselves go a little. 

As a company, Agency Media has been around for nine years, which is almost double digits. We decided to treat ourselves to celebrate our upcoming 10th birthday with a gift that makes the most sense. We gave ourselves a brand new website! 

Our old site did not showcase our growth

Trends change, like technology, fashion, and cars, and what makes a good website changes with them. While our old website gave us opportunities to grow and thrive as a company for nine years, we realized that we had outgrown it. Here’s why:

It was challenging to navigate

Our old website was cumbersome. It would take several clicks to navigate a specific page, making it difficult for clients to find the information they were looking for, such as our portfolio, video examples, and contact information. 

We do more than videos

Making great videos is something we have always done and have always been proud and passionate about. However, it has always been one of many things we have done. Looking at our old website, it took a lot of work to realize we also make websites and create digital marketing content, such as SEO content and digital ads

It was hard to update

Due to the platform it was built on. It was difficult to update and change our website how we wanted it to. We use WordPress for our clients because it works. So we decided to practice what we preached and updated our platform to reflect what we recommended.

We like colour

 Our old website was dark and did not reflect our diverse, colourful team and personalities. We rebranded to include different colours to reflect the different service areas. As a company, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any project. We can do everything from product videos, SEO content, or a shiny new website; we wanted our website to visually differentiate our services.

Welcome to our new online home

Now the journey is seamless, from start to finish. The menu at the top is easy to navigate, with all of the main pages easy to find. The copy is not only optimized for SEO but is streamlined and to the point. 

We needed a website that reflected who we are today, not who we were. Plus, we needed a website that would make it easy for people to get in touch with us. We’re not shy, and our numerous call-to-action buttons across our website give visitors opportunities to reach out to us quickly. Now, with options to book a meeting, set up a call, email us, or text us, we haven’t heard the dreaded sentence, “I tried to reach out, but I never heard back.”

As a digital marketing agency, we know the value and importance of every aspect of digital marketing. SEO, good website design, and clear copy are all important, which is why we worked closely with our team at every step.