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Keyword Research is a fundamental requirement in any digital strategy.

Whether you are working on developing a new website, running online advertisements or implementing a search engine optimization strategy, keyword research is an absolute requirement during the early stages.
When it comes to running online advertisements, it seems obvious that you would want to investigate what keywords potential customers are searching for and how much it costs to bid on a click for them, however what is often not discussed is how valuable this data can also be to the other strategies you are implementing and executing for your business.

What is keyword research?

Keyword Research is the process of analyzing search data to see what potential clients or customers are searching for and how it could potentially relate to your business, or your digital advertising strategy.

Here are some critical ways keyword research can assist you with digital initiatives or tactics for your business:

  1. Purchasing a domain.
    If your brand allows it, a keyword specific domain name can assist in bringing your business organic search traffic.
  2. Planning your blog’s content calendar.
    You can figure out specific keywords that you need to include in your content calendar and understand what people are searching for.
  3. Competitive Analysis.
    Using suggestions and related keyword queries you can understand what your competitors are focusing on in their keyword strategies. You can also have an understanding of what they are willing to pay for online advertising (cost per click).
  4. Creative Brainstorming.
    If you are working on a project or new initiative for your business, Keyword research and Trend data can drastically help give you an idea of what people are searching for online when it comes to your industry.
  5. Online Advertising.
    Of course, the most important utility of keyword research is projecting search volumes and pricing for online advertising campaigns.