Web Development vs Web Design: Do You Know The Difference?

A lot goes into creating websites. There are ways to make creating a website easier, such as a website builder or templates with most of the code and design did upon downloading and installing it. Web designers and developers can build customized websites for your business's specific needs.

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Web designer vs web developer: a quick overview

Web designers work on the visual elements, creating a custom look, and feel for the website. This can include structure, fonts, colour pallets, and the website’s appearance and flow.

Web development focuses on creating and maintaining websites. A web developer is responsible for the site’s performance, capacity and other technical aspects.

Web designers

Working with a web designer allows businesses to tailor their web design to their customers. It allows for an optimal user interface and experience.

Web developers

Web developers take the web design the designer has created and turn it into a website using code to make it functional.

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How to create websites with an impact

If you’re looking for a professional, high-quality website that showcases your company or personal brand, designing websites from the ground up using the skill sets that designers and web developers have is one of the best options

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Design vs web development: front end vs back end developers

Front-end development is the creation and design of the visual aspects of websites that users interact with, such as the website’s layout, colours, and font.

Web design vs front-end web development

What makes front-end developers different than web designers is that developers, in general, need to interact with the user data, and a web designer primarily ensures that the website is visually appealing. While the front-end developer may have to use their coding skills as needed, a web designer utilizes graphic design. Web designers focus the more visual designers than front-end developers.

Back end developer

Back-end development is the work done on software. Visually, you will not see the back-end development, but no website can exist without it. Back-end development is what gives the site a solid foundation. With no code, there cannot be a site.

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Why working with developers and designers can save you a headache

Both a visual designer and developers will help you create your own website that prioritizes usability and functionality, making it accessible for both the user and website owner.

Design and development are two critical components that a website needs. Working with web design and development professionals ensures a quality final product. Developers understand programming languages and how to write code. Coding languages are complex and not something the average person learns.

Web designers keep up with the latest trends and will make your website look and feel professional.

To create a working website, programming knowledge and understanding of both the client and user sides are all needed to create a user-friendly final product.

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Web design vs web development with Agency Media

As a full-service digital marketing and media company, we have a team of designers and developers that make all of our websites, ensuring the best quality and efficiency. If you want to learn more about how we can make your website, contact us!