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Custom web design is a great way to make your business stand out. A custom, quality web design can also set your online business up for success with search engine optimization and other social media marketing and web services.

Web design for your business

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Web design for your business goes beyond creating a new website or updating your existing website. Its services include graphic design. Creating custom templates for newsletters, social media posts, website banners, etc., can help increase your business growth and online presence. Design covers all aspects of digital marketing


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Agency Media is both a web design and development agency. From start to finish, we can create a custom website and bring it to life, ready to use and fully optimized for SEO.

We make websites for global and local businesses. We also do both website design and content marketing services. That’s our business, and we’re quite good at it. Whatever your business is, you need a functioning website that is attractive to look at, but also works. While it is only getting easier to create a website yourself using a premade template, there are pros and cons.


Custom website design vs website templates

A website built with a template does not automatically mean that the website is “bad.” However, if you are planning on creating a website for your business, there are several points to consider before deciding on making a website yourself using a template or working with a web design and development company to create one for you.

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Website templates have limitations

True custom digital design means that your new site will be built from scratch using code. This is where web development comes in. With a templated website, the design and the coding needed to make that design functional have already been done. While you can change aspects of your chosen theme, such as colours, fonts, and images, there will always be aspects of a template theme that cannot be changed. What these are varies depending on the theme and template. There are thousands of website templates available, many created specifically for various industries. Depending on what you want and need out of your website, there will be themes that will not work for you at all and some that will. However, there will certainly be limitations when using a pre-built website template.

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Custom designs for all your digital marketing needs

The beauty of creating a fully custom website from design to development means that it can be exactly what you want and need. There will be no compromises on quality, or appearance because you will not be working within pre-set parameters like you would be with website templates. This is not to say that website templates are bad. Both website templates and custom websites have value. If you are a small company and want to spend only a little on your first website, you may think a custom website will be too expensive.

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We have a specific set of skills

Our business is to build websites. As a Vancouver web design company, we have worked across many industries. Your content strategy and your web design needs will differ from other businesses in your field. A new website can include affordable web design. Our website design services can impact conversion optimization, your SEO score, and how your business is judged and seen by both existing customers and potential customers. We understand why web design services are so important and why website design is critical, and we know how to do it.

If your sink broke, and you did not know how to fix it, would you attempt to fix it without plumbing knowledge, or would you call a plumber? It’s the same with your website for your business. Instead of trying to figure it out yourself-which often leads to stress and frustration, why not trust the experts? Plus, we’ll do it in a timely manner.

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Digital marketing services

Both large and small businesses need a digital strategy. Even if you do not sell products or services in an online store, customers and potential customers use a business website as an information resource. Having an aesthetically pleasing, functioning website shows potential customers that your business is a legitimate one.

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Website development, yeah, we do that too

Web design is the creation of the design itself. Web development is when that design is turned into a functioning website. Agency Media does web design and web development because you cannot have a functional website without both.

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Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO, is how your website and web content get seen on search engines. Both a new website and an existing website need SEO in order to help with business growth.

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Content creation to help your business grow

As a digital agency, our team of digital marketers will guide you every step of the way, from design to development; we will create a website design and user interface that will be custom for your business.