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I am a huge fan of Star Wars. My cousin put me on to it when I was just a kid at the age of 7, and I’ve watched all of the movies more times than I can count.  Some of the hardcore fans may not appreciate this, but I even love all of the new movies.
Branding is everything nowadays, and the ability to execute your creative ideas even on your car is now possible.  I’d imagine this is only the first step of an influencer-like strategy on social media to get this car noticed. Tesla also has a pretty unique affiliate program worth looking into. Yes, that’s correct. Like Amazon Affiliates, Tesla has a referral program.  If you can figure out how to sell Tesla’s online with a link, you can make some serious money.  In fact, data is made public on who their top referrers are, and how that is impacting not only the environment in a positive way but their bank accounts. [check it out here if you are interested]
When someone goes out of their way to take their passion to the street, you know it’s going to be noticed!
So when I heard that our sister company Vinyl Labs (Part of The Westlund Group) helped a local Vancouverite turn his Tesla into “R2T3” I was stoked! Vinyl Labs has been putting out quality wraps for local companies for some time now, and I do appreciate seeing how amazing they can make any car or truck look (even big rigs), but this one is definitely a personal favourite of mine.  The team over at Vinyl Labs has been assisting us in helping client initiatives come to life and they are seriously setting new trends in the industry. From Red Bull and Supreme to trucking companies like Centurion, they take beautiful rides & utilitarian vehicles to the next level.
Take a look at this thing!

One of the benefits of working with us here at Agency Media is that we are able to utilize so many partnerships within our group to help activate campaigns both online and off.
If you are interested in learning more about the Tesla R2T3 you can check out Peter’s Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/r2_tesla3/