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September is here. Do any of you feel ready for it? The weather threw us a bit of a slap on the face last weekend here in the Vancouver area, and it feels like summer has come to an abrupt end. Howling winds and heavy rains caused power outages across the lower mainland and I can still hear the wind rattling about outside my apartment. So what do we do when the power’s out? We hope the batteries on our devices will last.

Today we’re forging ahead with a renewed thankfulness for electricity and the ability to tell stories in so many different ways. The medium of video has seen a lot of growth and changes in the last few years — and it just happens to be one of our favourites too. Obviously, video itself is not new and neither is the fact that anyone can shoot their own video (America’s Funniest Home Videos anyone?), but it’s the ease and format that’s been revolutionized. Live video streaming is hugely popular — as Snapchat, Periscope, and Meerkat can testify. All the other major social platforms are jumping on the wagon to make the video fit seamlessly into your feeds. Sharing videos has become so easy and consuming it even easier. And that’s a perfect reason to get creative.

This month on our blog we’re talking all things video. We’ll introduce you to a few members of our video team, share some of our favourite videos that we’ve produced, we’ll go behind the scenes of our production and maybe even shoot some footage just for you. Follow along on the blog and tell us what you think on social by tagging #amdoesvideo. And next time the power goes out you can relax: our videos work on mobile too.