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We know that video content is prioritized on almost all social media platforms both organically and through paid, so any chance a brand has to utilize a video to convey key messaging is an opportunity that should be seized. Recently one of our sister companies; Fluid Spa came to us looking for a quick way to promote holiday gift cards across their social media channels and also to be brought into their digital advertising ecosystem. The team had been working on several ideas for a few days but due to weather constraints, the execution wasn’t panning out.

How it went down

Adam, our Chief Creative Officer was away in Whistler on a leadership retreat, and one of our producers who has been producing a weekly youtube series for the spa, Barret sent him a text conveying the need and idea that had sparked regarding shooting a quick video to promote Fluid’s Gift Cards.  They quickly identified the idea and green-lighted it within a few minutes. From there, Barret scripted a few possible options and sent them to the client for approval (while scouting locations and locating internal acting talent) so that it would be ready later that day and the following morning for shooting. Once the scripts were approved, the team shot the social media commercial and it went to editing. During the editing process, the video formats for all social channels, including Youtube, Instagram (feed and story), and Facebook were exported. After the final files were published, they were sent to our Campaigns team who then set up the advertising.

So far the social media commercial has seen both organic and paid success at an extremely affordable rate. The video has been seen by thousands of people, in the right target market, at the right time, and has driven them through to the Fluid website and gift card store.

Here’s a look at the commercial: