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sales funnels have transformed along with technology trends and strategic content integrated into your sales funnel can improve your conversion rates.

We’ve seen it happen, a company with a stale sales funnel that’s been working for a long period of time starts to fade into fewer sales and more headaches.
Digital Advertising has become a great lead generator and is more than often included in a company’s marketing mix. Every step of your traditional AIDA funnel can be assisted by data.
AIDA funnel
As Digital Marketers we know with both awareness and direct response campaigns we can easily obtain data to start retargeting potential customers and nurture them through the sales funnel until they commit the action that brings us our return.
Retargeting is not new, and most brands are using it. Especially the big ones. Most of us have been browsing products on Amazon, not purchased and then seemingly everywhere we go online has Amazon advertisements of that exact same product reminding us of how much we need that specific product. Often this results in a click through and purchase.  It’s low hanging fruit, so it makes sense.
What is critical now for marketers is that we creatively engage with our potential customers as we are nurturing them through the sales funnel. Social media platforms and pre-roll are giving us the opportunity to use video to re-engage with potential customers who have shown interest in our products or services.
A tactical example would be to utilize videos in your CRM strategy. If you are collecting leads on your website and then executing an e-mail lifecycle program, adding customized or interest based video content to those e-mails can drastically improve engagement (open rates and click-throughs). The beauty of video is that you can also repurpose these videos in online advertisements, on your website and even in video pre-roll (commercial like advertisements on platforms like youtube).
Here’s our president, Adam Besse recently talking about utilizing video in your sales funnel in his VLOG:

IF you are interested in finding out how we can take your sales funnel to the next level and integrate amazing content into your sales funnel to increase your conversion rates + ROI contact us today. We’d love to chat!