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What differentiates Agency Media from other Agency’s when it comes to Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising? It is our ability to increase the amount of qualified traffic to your website without breaking the bank on keywords. 

Keywords and How They Work

To use something we all love as an example, we will use the word chocolate as our keyword. Chocolate is a keyword, but there are hundreds of other words relating to chocolate. Chocolate bar, chocolate fountain, how to melt chocolate, and on! 
It may be all too obvious that a company selling chocolate would benefit from targeting the keyword [chocolate]. There’s no question about that, but the issue here is that not all chocolate companies are the same. Company A may create custom chocolate masterpieces, whereas Company B sells just your average chocolate bar. 

Now, a user searching for “Custom Chocolate Art” can be shown an ad created by Company B, because they failed to tell Google that they only sell chocolate bars. Maybe they’ve paid more than Company A.  The user clicking on the ad is then taken to a website where there are only chocolate bars and no masterpieces. The user is unhappy and Company B has just paid for a click that did nothing to help the business. 

At Agency Media, it is our constant observation of the keywords, average bid amount and user search terms that allows us to make changes to the keywords used for PPC advertising. 

How We Determine Our Keywords

Google allows us, as advertisers, complete freedom when it comes to selecting keywords for our advertisements. When we launch a campaign, the information we need to be able to build an effective keyword list isn’t readily available until we’ve started running the ads. There is research prior to launch, but it comes down to making effective changes. We don’t know what words each user will type into the search engine when they are looking for a business. 

So, we start small. We build a list of keywords that we know Google, and more importantly, the user will be able to find. Like in the chocolate example above, we begin with keywords that relate to the product or service. This does mean that competitors will be likely to use the same keywords and the average cost-per-click could start increasing. Then we monitor! Google will show us the average cost for each of the keywords in our list. If they are above $2 per-click, we change them. Then we adapt! We create variations using popular keywords in order to reach new users. 

Our Competitive Edge 

At Agency Media, we are proud of our processes and this gives us a competitive edge. Keyword competitors often make the mistake of setting and forgetting. They target popular keywords and forget to monitor the data from those keywords. Sure, there may be a large number of clicks coming from the ads, but at what cost? A high cost! They treat PPC like it’s a slot machine. Putting more and more is waiting for the jackpot when really the amount spent (wasted) won’t ever come in under the amount won.