The Importance of Having a Google Ads Specialist

A Google Ads specialist is integral to executing a digital marketing strategy. Like the rest of the Agency Media team, an ads specialist wants to know all about your services to determine your target audience. Your responses enable us to place ads on search engine results pages. Those ads will appear on YouTube, Gmail, or the Google Display Network. And that's a good thing.


Research Gets You Seen

Google Ads specialists love collecting data! Based on their keyword research and a review of your competitors, they will determine the best way to optimize your campaign spending.

Is your business better suited to local searches, or are you marketing yourself nationally? Many factors weigh heavily in a Google Ads specialist’s decision-making process.

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You Only Pay for Results

Google Ads uses a pay-per-click (PPC) model. Google wants to know how much you are willing to pay each time a potential customer clicks on your site.

Google Ads specialists understand the balance of knowing how much to bid for this massive exposure while keeping you profitable.


How Much Should You Pay with a PPC model?

The simple answer is: every business is different.

Our specialist is happy to advise on the recommended amount of your daily/monthly spend.

If you want measurable results, Google Ads is a wise investment, especially when you have someone to guide you.

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Why Google Adwords Remains Popular

Google Ads remains popular because it works. It is the advertising platform you need to be on today.

A strong Google Ads campaign can be a huge difference-maker for any business.

It’s not just the quantity of potential new customers it brings in; it is also the quality of customers it attracts.

The potential for targeting new customers is immense. It’s flexible for all kinds of businesses.

Another nice thing? You can switch your campaign immediately if something needs to be fixed.

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Understand Your Customers Better

Google also gives you access to information about your customers’ habits.

What words did they type in to find you? Did they use their phone? What time of day are they trying to find you? Most clients are curious to know how this will help them.

Our Google Ads in-house specialist can talk you through all the analytics.

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Can Anyone Set Up a Google Ads Account?

Yes. The service is designed for businesses. All you need is a website and an email address. However, the process can be overwhelming for someone unfamiliar with that world.

You should focus on your business, not analyze data all day. Leave that to us.

The job of a good Google Ads specialist (the only kind we hire) is to drive conversions and make you money while limiting your spending. They are sticklers for effective campaigns.

Specialists aren’t keen on taking the “let’s just wait and see approach.” They want to find out what drives conversions in the shortest time.

When it comes to the campaigns they create, monitor, and constantly refine, they don’t rest until you have the ideal Google Ads display. Managing search campaigns is a full-time job.


Why Google?

More and more of today’s advertisers are directing their energy into ad campaigns on Google. Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) has been a mainstay in digital marketing since 2000. The company’s reach is obviously massive.

Google Ads experts understand how to make your business appear after a Google search. They are a critical part of any digital marketing team.

Want to stay competitive? Google is where you need to be.

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Where to Find a Google Ads Specialist for Your Business

It takes a particular type of brain to become a google ads specialist.

Any digital marketing agency will likely have someone with SEO knowledge who can deliver results. Most agencies depend on this person to propel the success of their campaigns.

Google Ads specialists’ tasks include in-depth keyword research, interpreting reports, overseeing bidding strategies, testing different ads, and making adjustments as necessary.

You have to be persistent and diligent. Agency Media employs people well-versed in the types of Google Ads campaigns that draw in customers.

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Specialists Generate Business and Save You Money

A Google Ads search specialist is critical to your Google Ads success because they ensure you’re not overpaying. They know how to maximize your exposure, which is what good marketing always tries to do.

There’s a lot that goes into managing Google Ads. A little help goes a long way.

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Using a Professional Is Cost-Effective

Google makes it so anyone can use it. But a google ads specialist will actively work to keep your expenses low.

To improve conversions, a Google Ads specialist will continue to monitor campaigns and conduct A/B Testing on landing pages to try and determine the most successful approach.

They will suggest new ad copy and new ads based on market research and campaign performance.

Google Ads skills involve knowing what the data means and interpreting the results.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need someone with Google Ads certification to monitor your digital advertising.

Then again, having a premier partner does help.

Are you ready to see results? Agency Media will show you the way.