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We all learn that water has three phases: solid state, liquid state, and vapour state. You can’t explain all the known properties of water with three phases alone — you need a fourth phase.
On Sunday, October 2 we hosted a screening of the global premiere of The Fourth Phase film by Red Bull. The Red Bull film opens with majestic shots of water — in its many forms — and those words*. Finally, I understand why we’ve been tossing the words The Fourth Phase around the office for the last month. So it’s about water — except water doesn’t really have a fourth phase. But Travis Rice (the film’s star and general force of will behind the whole project) is a pro at pushing the bounds of nature (and reality). Seriously, those snowboarding shots.
But like Travis Rice, the lesson we took home from this experience had less to do with snowboarding and more to do with what it looks like when you push expectations. Would this work? Is this possible? I don’t know. Let’s try.
So try we did. This sold-out event with a 24-foot screen, surround sound, and over 4 hours of Sunday night milling and film-watching was a smashing success.

The Fourth Phase Premiere with Red Bull | Agency Media

I’ve gathered the perspectives of a few people who were instrumental in pulling this event together. Read through their experiences, watch the amazing video our team cut, and make sure you’re on the list for our next event.
We just love attaching ourselves to global leaders and enhancing their brands. We got to tag onto what Red Bull is doing and have them smile at us while we do it. We brought their brand to our friends with such positive energy. Isn’t that what business is all about? Do you really love people’s brands? Do they catch you loving what you do and loving what your customers do? At Agency Media, we love working together and we love accomplishing big things. Through this event, we grew closer together as an agency and we didn’t expend energy doing it, we actually got more energy.

— Andrew Westlund

The Fourth Phase Premiere with Red Bull | Agency Media

I know a lot of hard work went into it, but it didn’t feel like it was draining. Every part of our team pulled together to make the event a success and that for me made the night. People left after 5 hours on a Sunday night feeling like they just spent their time on something worthwhile . . . that’s pretty awesome.
The great relationships that were established through this event were far beyond what we should normally have been able to reach. It was fun to take a seemingly random idea to the point where it turned into relational equity and a night that at least I know I will remember.

— Josh Gagner

The Fourth Phase Premiere with Red Bull | Agency Media

If I were to take away one thing from this event it’s that you should dream big, then dream bigger. I not only witnessed the power of how an event can ignite company pride but also how a creative team can come together to create something remarkable. As the fourth helicopter from SKY landed on the outdoor heli deck, I thought, “This was all created out of someone’s vision.”

— Lexy Westlund

The Fourth Phase Premiere with Red Bull | Agency Media

I’m really proud of what our team accomplished and how we worked together to pull off our biggest and best event to date. We took the concept of a simple film screening and blew it up to create a blowout party in celebration of The Fourth Phase. Partnering with 365 Productions to double the size of our projection screen and install surround sound in SKY Hangar made the film larger than life.

— Tim Kraumanis

*Technically the film opened with these words, “To seek is not to be content with where one is; to seek is to fantasize that there is more; I am a seeker.” But even I couldn’t go there.