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Hello, my name is Sid and I’m a designer.
No, I don’t think I’m better than you or that all your ideas are bad. I crave your opinion; I covet your honesty. Why? So that I can explain all the reasons behind a logo, website, or page layout. This is my favourite part of what we do here at Agency Media.
At Agency Media, we want to ensure you have the best experience possible when bringing your brand to life. Below I have outlined how to get the most out of working with a design team. I’ve also included a sneak peek into our design process so that before you even come to us, you have a solid idea of how we work and why we do what we do.

Trust Us

We’re here because we have a passion and understanding of the marketing business. Not only do we want to create a beautiful brand, but we also have your best interest at heart. Putting your trust in the designer is one of the hardest parts of the design process. And I can’t blame you. Designers have a reputation for being stubborn and hard to communicate with. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be and not how we operate here at Agency Media.
That’s why we do our best to get to know our clients from the very start. We want to see your vision and where you want your business to go and find the best way to help you hit your desired demographic. Not only do we want you to be successful, but we also want your brand to hit the nail on the head.

Not Just A Pretty Face

Design isn’t just about looking pretty or saying everything you possibly can about your product. That’s certainly part of it, but without a concept, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your brand is — it won’t enter the upper echelons of your marketplace. It will be doomed to bear the terrible mark of being just ok. We aren’t ok with that . . . and you shouldn’t be either. Here are a few things to consider when you begin to breathe life into your business.

The Design Process: Bringing Your Brand To Life - Agency Media

Be A Part of the Design Process

The fun starts once we get to know each other. Just like a first date, this part of the process always gives me butterflies. We start by giving you a set of questions tailored to provide intimate knowledge of your brand. Answer these honestly and aim big. Use your imagination and plug it into the passion that inspired you to start your business in the first place.
After you answer the questions, it’s time to play with something I call creative alchemy. We distil your questions and compare them to your market sector. This ensures we’re able to properly reach your desired customer. Once we have a solid picture of who we need to reach and the best way to do it, we compile this information to create a Creative Brief.
This document is the first step in giving direction, conviction, and purpose to your brand. It outlines brand voice, demographic, brand personality, and much more. It’s from this document that we begin to shape, create, and elevate your business. This launch point for your project ensures that we are all on the same page as to what this brand is going to look, sound, and feel like. In the office, I often refer to it as the beginning of the breadcrumb trail. Every step of the way, we can look back at the brief and make sure we are going in the right direction.
Once the Creative Brief is complete we send it to you (of course) and make sure we all agree on the direction and make changes as necessary. From there we present mood boards. These visual examples are a great reference point for the look and feel based on the creative brief. Once agreed upon, we execute!
Now, the payoff begins. We came, we sketched, we loved, we created . . . and a brand is born. You have not one, not two, but three visual executions before you. All of our logo designs are accompanied by a concept that will steer your brand’s success toward the stars.


We helped bring your brand to life, so who better create your brand collateral? From business cards to signage, let us execute the brand concept across every aspect of your brand and prepare for unprecedented growth. Everything from print design, social media, photography, and video must have some aspect of the overarching brand concept to ensure success.


Without your input, we have no way of knowing what you are thinking. The last thing we want is for you to be left with a brand that you don’t feel connected to or excited about. Throughout every single part of the creative process voice your opinion openly. We will listen and discuss each decision with you.

The Design Process: Bringing Your Brand To Life - Agency Media

In Closing

We love what you do and everything we do is designed to help your business reach its maximum potential. Our mission is to create in collaboration with you, the client, and give a face to your business that matches the personality and vision you have in mind. Each step I’ve outlined will streamline the entire design process. Consider a fresh perspective on something that you have held so close to your heart. Trust us to help breathe life into your ideas. You’re allowed to question, change your mind, to fight for what you want, but the best ideas are ones that have been forged into a simple, easy-to-understand, and potent form. This is what we’re passionate about — and we know you are too.
If you’re thinking of expanding your market reach and realizing the true potential of your brand, come visit us. Let’s make amazing happen.