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It was another whirlwind month here at Agency Media. New people, new projects, new partnerships — let’s dive into the details of the best of November at Agency Media.

Business Development

Our business development team is determined to keep us putting out our best work by teeing up a host of new clients. We’re so excited to bring our numbers up this month to 30 managed service clients. Working with you on long term goals and strategies (by creating stellar content in the short term) is what gets us out of bed in the morning. That and the promise of a strong cup of coffee.
We’re also getting in the Christmas spirit by collaborating with Shine, a Vancouver-based lighting experience company, on promoting their event Enchant, the world’s largest light maze. Our social content for Enchant has been incredibly successful, with Facebook posts seeing over 1,000 shares, 1,500 comments, and reaching over 140,000 people.

Design + Web

Our design office has been buzzing with new branding, proposals, flyers, brochures, manuals, tradeshow materials, and every other kind of designed material you could imagine. On the web side we’ve released some amazing sites like GenX, CubicFarm Systems, and Coastal Drone Co.

The Best of November at Agency Media


Our video team was aiming for a record number of videos completed and sent to clients. The goal was 40 and by November 30, we’ll have reached it. They also spent 15 days this month on shoots. Check out some of the latest to come out of the video studio (Paul Romero for Regenurex).

The Best of November at Agency Media


This month on social, we’ve reached the population of a not-so-small country. (Yeah, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around, too.) Total social impressions were over 3.5 million and the number of posts and messages we sent out was over 530. When we say we’re serious about social, we mean it.


Design has the pretty stuff, video is exciting, and social has all those great numbers, but content is what it’s really all about. Words tie everything together so it’s engaging, compelling, and fits into context. But I may be a little biased there.
This month we put out over 20 pieces of content (including blog posts, emails, brochures, and proposals), wrote two scripts, and polished off the content for four websites.

The Best of November at Agency Media

The Team

Our ranks are still steadily growing. In November we welcomed Zach and Karina to the business development team, Alex to the social team, and Devon as Creative Director. (He’s been part of the Westlund Group for a while and we’re psyched to have him in the office every day.)
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