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We cover a lot in our blog topics—marketing, websites, digital ads, and of course, video.

It’s no surprise that video is often held esteemed. Years ago, Agency started off simply as a video team that wanted to help other businesses tell their story. It was the starting point for all our creativity.

What makes our video team so strong today is not only this foundation but that we’ve focused on developing that creative skill.

This month we had two projects that highlighted some of our team’s strengths that most people don’t know about it. Hear from our team below.

Editing with Motion Graphics

The Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour is one of our newer clients and Canada’s most played junior tour. They approached us looking to revamp their brand image to better resonate with their audience.

Matt Hayashi, one of our video producers and designated motion graphics expert, shared a little bit about the process of it all.

“The goal of this video for MJT was to break the ‘country club’ stereotype often associated with golf and attract new sponsors and athletes to the tour. We set out to do this by filming our athletes not only on the golf course, but also in an urban environment to showcase the brand’s new streetwear apparel, and emphasize the lifestyle aspect of the brand.”

“We added a lot of textures and motion graphics elements to help accentuate the new look of the brand. The style that we chose also gave us a lot of freedom when it came to showcasing the impressive list of MJT alumni that have come through their program with still photos that were provided to us by the client.”

Stay tuned for the full video soon!

Filming in Tough Environments

Propell is another new company we’ve recently begun working with. They are a large-scale manufacturer of energy extracting equipment that works across North America, focusing on innovation and protecting the earth.

In order to keep up with the growth of their company, they wanted videos that captured their people and their work. Over the span of just one week, our team was everywhere from Calgary, AB, to Dallas, TX.

I talked with Connor McCreadie, one of our video editors about the recent shoot days.

“We travelled to Granbury, Texas to shoot the manufacturing plant. It was by far the hottest day on set I have had sitting at 35 degrees with 80% humidity. It provided challenges as our drone was constantly overheating. Even in Calgary, it was a windy day with a lot of moving parts… We had trouble with the drone at first… and coordinating with some of the truck drivers. Despite the obstacles, we were able to still work around them to get some pretty spectacular shots.”

While Agency Media didn’t start out with a focus in industrial filming, our experience working on several tough and messy sites has taught us exactly how to prepare to shoot in such chaotic and uncontrolled locations. With this much practice under our belt, it’s led up to be one of our video team’s strongest skills.