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With a (fake) tear in his eye, our dauntless President, Adam Besse, addressed those of us who trekked through the slush to our last Monday morning meeting of 2016. “In the last year we’ve grown from 14 to 35 people. Each one of you here is a vital part of shaping this company. Your attitude, work ethic, and laughter will guide our growth in 2017.”
And grow we will. I almost can’t believe how far we’ve come in this last year. 2016 was my second full year at Agency Media and darn it, I’m proud of what we’ve done, the clients we’ve had the opportunity to partner with, the people we’ve welcomed into the office. Just one minute. . . there’s something in my eye.
So between developing brand voice documents and writing client blog posts, I wrapped up some of the best of 2016 at Agency Media. Here we go.

The Best of 2016 at Agency Media

Business Development

From a team of two to a force of eight, our business development department went through a lot of changes this year. We partner with amazing companies across industries — forestry, construction, marine, food and beverage, transportation, apparel, real estate, recruitment, entertainment, education, tourism, municipalities, retail. Led by the always enthusiastic Andrew Hansen, we’ve gone from zero to 30 managed service clients in six months. These managed service contracts allow us to partner with our clients for the long term, building consistent messaging and sustainable progress across platforms. Learn more about our managed services here.


The Best of 2016 at Agency Media

This year the design department grew so much I had to get a new office. The team has been busy developing processes, building creative briefs, and designing some seriously stellar brands. The Coastal Drone Co. brand draws inspiration from factory logo marks, looking back while propelling into the future. GenX is inspired by intention and driven by simplicity and the CubicFarm Systems brand layers approachability onto a foundation of agricultural knowledge.


We’re all about controlling brand impressions and establishing an online hub — that’s why we’re always encouraging our clients to put their best face forward with an updated website. Some of our favourite web projects from 2016 are SKY Helicopters, GenX Painting, and Tulameen, BC.


The Best of 2016 at Agency Media

Video — the foundation of our agency and one of our favourite things to share. This year we were on set (in a studio, on the street, on campus, at a construction site) for approximately 216 days. We’ve loaded up our server with over 60 terabytes of footage so you could spend about 30,000 hours reviewing everything we’ve got on file. You know, if you have a spare 3.4 years.
But since you probably don’t, here are a few of our favourite projects from this year. UBC Forestry was a great example of reworking a concept based on focus group feedback. Ledcor’s Story of a Log allowed us to shoot some stunning aerial footage and maneuver around weather conditions, remote locations, and safety restrictions. Our 360 video with SKY Helicopters was a fascinating experiment in bringing innovative technology to new markets. Not only did our video get shared and reshared on social, but SKY was able to use Google Cardboard and this video to impress booth visitors at tourism trade shows. And we also had fun with the behind the scenes from the MOTO8 event.

The Best of 2016 at Agency Media


Our (social) distribution department is where the magic happens — because what is amazing content if no one sees it? This year we gained over 52,000 fans, sent over 2,000 messages, and logged over 256,000 engagements. Some of our most popular posts include this one on breweries to visit in the Fraser Valley, this Instagram shot of sunshine on a mountaintop, this MOTO8 event thank you, and this presidency announcement.


We doubled our content team and learned that taking statistics out of context is misleading. Our two-person team is copywriting, proofreading, editing, and content strategizing our way through thousands of words each week. Some of our favourite projects include The Fraser Valley blog, brand voice development for Coastal Drone Co., and all those typos you never saw.
Finally, I want to say thanks for joining us on this journey — we’re glad you’re here. Want to be part of our story for next year? Get in touch. We have ambitious plans and lofty dreams for 2017. Here we come.

The Best of 2016 at Agency Media