Technical SEO Audit Services at Agency Media

SEO (search engine optimization) is the secret sauce that allows your website to generate more traffic, sales, and leads. Google's algorithm rewards sites that are optimized for performance.

Technical SEO Audit Services at Agency Media

So What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO involves improving website SEO behind the scenes. It can get tricky when you’re dealing with sitemap.xml files, redirect codes, servers, and search engine spiders.

Thankfully, we’ve got people that don’t mind getting in there and handling all that.

Our SEO crew understands the nuances of using tools like Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics to figure out how we can improve your site. Anything that makes your website more “crawlable” by the search engines’ robots (AKA bots, crawlers, or spiders) is good for your business.

Agency Media will conduct a technical SEO audit on your behalf to find out what’s working; and, more importantly, what is not.

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A Technical SEO Audit Process Answers Questions

Any smart SEO strategy begins with a full audit of the existing site to see how it performs. 

A number of search ranking factors are analyzed. Some are easy to check, while others require a little more expertise. Either way, you have to know what you’re looking for. 

SEO audits involve a combination of technical items, content checks (for on-page SEO), and off-page SEO investigations. 

The team at Agency Media is pretty good at playing detective. 

  • Does your website have broken links?
  • Do the best target keywords appear on each web page?
  • Is your site running slow (videos taking forever to load, etc.)?
  • Are the inbound links from other sites helping you?
  • Do you have duplicate content on your pages?
  • Which keywords are being targeted?
  • Are your meta tags and meta descriptions helping or hindering search engine crawlers?
  • Does the schema markup require updating?
  • Are there opportunities for eliminating redirects?

The difference a few little adjustments to your site’s SEO can make is incredible. SEO is a long-term game. It’s good to plant the seeds early to bare fruit later on. 

Technical SEO Audit Services at Agency Media

The Benefits of SEO Auditing Services

A technical SEO analysis examines a variety of ranking factors in greater detail. Once complete, our team is happy to send you a report and walk you through our SEO recommendations.

Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable speaking “JavaScript” or “web developer.” We’ll break down our plan in plain English. You don’t just get suggestions; you get a strategy!

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What's In It for You?

SEO is about gaining higher traffic and conversions for your website. A technical SEO audit helps make you more visible in the eyes of Google search results and other search engines. We assess the technical issues hurting your indexing and your website’s performance.

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Building a Better Website Begins with an SEO Audit

Unless your website is brand new, conducting a technical SEO audit service is highly recommended.

The top secret criteria used for Google’s ranking algorithm are seemingly always changing and remain a mystery to everyone outside of that company.

However, through trial and error and SEO audit services such as ours, SEO gurus can discover ways to optimize your site.

Following the latest SEO practices, as suggested by Google, is always your safest bet for future success.

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Agency Media Builds Websites with SEO Top of Mind

Agency Media understands that effective websites don’t just happen by accident. That’s why we focus on the stuff that works while building your site.

  • Content optimization – ensures your copy will reach the intended audience
  • Content quality – engages audiences with valuable, entertaining information that keeps them on your website longer to reduce bounce rates
  • Title tags – enable search engines to understand what’s on your page and entice viewers to visit your site
  • External links – Endorsements from the right websites help search engines determine your relevancy
  • having Quick page load times and responsiveness – it’s all about making your website easy to open and easy to view

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Website SEO Audit Services for Customers Like You

Agency Media wants you to be happy. That means setting you up with a website that gains organic traffic. If you have a website that’s just not doing it for you, please drop us a line. We can start with an on-page analysis of your site and go from there.

It’s what we do.