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Joel Macdonald


Adam Besse

Chief Creative Officer

Our hands-on Chief Creative Officer and client-focused creative first got into the field with his love for videos. With a degree from Capilano’s Motion Picture Arts program, experience working in sales, producing award-winning feature films, directing and producing commercials, videos, tv shows, documentaries and corporate video, he leads our team with incredible knowledge of both business and production. With more energy than his two young kids combined, Adam brings an unparalleled enthusiasm into everything he does.

Alexis Westlund

Director of Social Media & Production Manager

With a BA from Trinity Western University, a great eye for content, and a passion for connecting people, Alexis leads our social team as the Director of Social Media. She has experience managing a variety of brands and large-scale events, brings enthusiasm to every project, and always brings her quirky sense of humour to the office. When she isn’t posting, you’ll find her climbing rocks or mountain biking.

Michael Bernard

Director of Video Production

A captivating storyteller since birth, it may come as a surprise that Mike didn’t start using video to reach his audience until roughly 28 years ago. But it was then that he found his passion. Since then, he’s had the book-learning and experience that’s seen him capture stories from many corners of the globe, all driven by his inherit passion for bringing out the emotion in any story he’s working on.

Brandon Bustard

Director of Business Development

With a BA in Business, Leadership, and Management from Trinity Western University and years of sales experience in the automotive industry, Brandon has both the natural and trained skills of effective business and sales. He brings enthusiasm every time he walks through the door and is always looking out for his team. When he’s not working, he is cheering on the Blue Jays and Maple Leafs or getting outdoors.

Ben Magnuson

Director of Business Development

Agency Media Interior Divison

Ben’s past experience includes a BSc from Trinity Western and Master of Management from UBC’s Sauder School of Business, coaching, teaching, and forest firefighting. As the king of competition and someone with a relentless work ethic, this guy is always pushing himself in whatever he does. Ben is guaranteed to get pumped on a lot of things in life but mostly sports (particularly hockey, golf, tennis, and wakeboarding), good food, and terrible puns.

Leland Dieno

Vice President & Director of Web Development

Leland has over 20 years in digital marketing experience working both for a large retail operation with over 150 locations as a digital marketing specialist managing and conceptualizing their digital shopper marketing program and then managing a digital marketing team in higher education at a local university before coming to Agency as our Director of Digital Strategy.  In August 2019 he was promoted to Vice President. He has been supporting small businesses with their websites and online advertising since 2001 and is the founder of a really cool brand promoting and empowering fathers.

Rob Borges

Video Producer and Editor

Originally from Brazil, Rob is one of our producers and video editors, and he truly believes humans and machines can live together. In the last few years, he has been working with many different teams helping them create amazing video content for brands like Nestlé, New Holland and Honda. But his desire to transform ideas in motion pictures started way before that, even before studying Communications in College. Besides thinking the ’80s were great, he could kill for a medium-rare steak, and that is enough of a reason to believe he is not a machine.

Daniel Negatu

Video Producer

Daniel Negatu was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His works over the past ten years include award winning documentaries, experimental videos and dramatic films. His time-based and photographic works have been exhibited in Ethiopia, South Africa, Burkina Faso, the USA, France and Canada. Daniel has a Master of Fine Arts in Film from York University, Canada and a Bachelor of Science  degree in Engineering from Addis Ababa University.

Ashley Heron


Ashley has been immersed in the world of sales since 2013, formerly working as the Senior Sales Consultant for a Vancouver-based technology company. When Ashley isn’t at Agency, you can find her shopping the aisles at Homesense, hiking with her dog Cali, or sturgeon fishing on the Pitt River.
Dana Kahrim

Dana Kahrim

Digital Marketing Specialist

As a recent Marketing Management graduate from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Dana brings both passion and creativity to the job. She assists in the web department as the Digital Marketing Coordinator handling project management. In her spare time, she loves to play soccer, and in the summertime,  hike up a mountain!

Nishanth Babu

Digital Marketing Specialist

Front End, Back End Developer and Digital Marketing Specialist.  Nishanth has worked with the W3C team at MIT as part of the Developer Relationships department. He has had a hand in designing and building VR solutions for a variety of markets. In his free time, he spends most of it optimizing his DnD characters.

Reena Kapoor

Digital Marketing Coordinator

With a BBA from the University of the Fraser Valley, and a specialization in digital marketing through RED Academy, Reena brings a passion for digital, attention to detail and an entrepreneurial spirit to the team. Having worked in sales and marketing for a small business, Reena knows first hand the importance of a meaningful connection between a business and its customer. As the digital marketing coordinator, Reena assists with all departments at Agency. If she isn’t at the office you can find her scoping out new trends in fashion, beauty and tech!

Lucas Maciuk

Director of Photography

Lucas is the eyes behind the scenes. With an education from Capilano’s Motion Picture Arts program and independent filmmaking, and experience creating videos for touring bands, businesses, conferences, and mega-churches, Lucas knows how to create a piece that really hits you. His high standard for video means he will always push to make his work better. In his spare time, he’s taking photos of his dogs and running marathons.

Chris Collacott


Chris has over 20 years of experience in business development. He is passionate about helping other companies grow and scale their business. In the late 90’s Chris helped build one of the fastest growing computer wholesalers in North America. For almost 10 years, he played a key role in on of the leading software development training organizations in Canada. Chris was able to bring a 40% increase of business working with a IT managed services provider in Metro Vancouver.  When not at work, Chris’s passion is for exploring the outdoors with his camera bringing him to Iceland, New Zealand, and Patagonia in Chile and Argentina. His landscape photography has won over 50 international awards.

Matt Forster


Right out of highschool Matt started his career in warehousing, spending the next 8 years working his way up and learning about leadership and business. Eventually he left to start his own freelancing business, being hands on and gaining valuable experience in sales, marketing, and business growth/scaling; having a knack for quickly picking up on things. After another year and a half he found his place at Agency Media as part of the US partnerships business development team. When not at work, you can find Matt playing Dungeons & Dragons or out on the patio having beers with his friends. Taking things apart has always been a hobby of his, finding out what makes things work. Putting things back together is not a skill he possesses, however.

Mattias Schmitt

digital marketing specialist

Mattias has a BA from Trinity Western, with a focus on Leadership and Management. He brings experience in a digital marketing role from a top automotive brand. Mattias enjoys hockey, hiking, and helping with your business’ online advertising campaigns.

Jonas Babrauskas

Front End Web Developer

Jonas has a passion for developing beautiful websites on top of agile and flexible platforms. He is all around creative powerhouse when it comes to anything web. Strong design and development skills are a great combination. From mocking up beautiful landing pages to converting into responsive designs, he is able to utilize creative briefs and create stunning websites. Jonas has recently been living in Malaysia where he worked remote, but has now returned to British Columbia.

Andrew Westlund


As President of the Westlund Group and CEO of Agency Media, Andrew has over 25 years of experience in business. He is passionate about engagement, disruption, and entrepreneurship. When he’s not working with one of his 12 companies, he’s flying helicopters, driving boats, cycling, or mountain biking.

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