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This question is an important one many business owners and leaders will be asking themselves as they strategize how to maximize revenue while maintaining or reducing expenses. The purpose and function of marketing have remained the same: communicate your value proposition to the right people at the right time and place. Technology continues to create opportunities and perceptions for a type of digital marketing available by simply downloading an app or jumping on the latest website platform. 

While a website is the centre of a digital marketing ecosystem, it is technically an electronic spider web of connections layered with data and images meant to convey a particular message. Once built, this tool will either perform by generating measurable results through sustained activity or it won’t. It’s what makes hiring for marketing positions such a challenge. As business changes, different tactics and skills are required. Managing effective marketing is a multi-disciplinary task that few entry-level employees will be capable of achieving within the first few years of a new position. 

While digital marketing is simple, producing success is by no means easy. With a clear business strategy to get your message to the right audience, the work of a marketing coordinator can take over and deliver on your specific goals and objectives for marketing.

When deciding between hiring an outside agency or using internal resources, ask yourself how much time, energy, and resources are available toward your marketing goals. Before you post that job, it’s important to know that by 2023 there are expected to be nearly 300,000 jobs available in Canada’s digital economy, with website developers and digital marketers among the top 15 roles being most in demand. With mid-career level positions being some of the most difficult to recruit, what will make you stand out from the crowd of potential applicants to make them pick you?

Again, we are back to marketing and the way your company is showing up in the digital economy for your customers and your future employees. If you have the resources available to create consistent and professional content, that’s great! But if you do not have the resources and bandwidth available, that’s where we come in. Send us an email, or fill out our content form.