Vancouver Video Production

We aren’t here to tell you the obvious that effective digital marketing is the cornerstone of a successful business.

But we will tell you that our in-house marketing team comprises industry professionals from different marketing fields. We work hard to understand your goals and create valuable content that may ultimately help your business reach the desired heights.

And one such area where we specialize in is video content production. Be it for product commercials, testimonials, non-profit, infographic animation, or more- there’s nothing we don’t do.

Who Are We?

We are a Vancouver BC-based full-service digital agency media production company that aims at providing one-stop marketing solutions to our clients.

Our inception dates back to 2013 when we started out as just a video production agency helping businesses make top-notch marketing videos. However, we soon realized the importance of all-round marketing to fetch the best ROI (return on investment) on video content.

Today, we have a team of video producers, creatives, and technical experts who are dedicated to adding value to your business. Moreover, we are highly motivated by data-driven results, which help us create and execute high-quality video production solutions according to your needs and budget.

On that note, allow us to take you through some of our key services:

1. Video Production

No matter how big or small the brand is, we believe creative storytelling best helps businesses establish a strong relationship with the target audience. But the problem is that a lot of video service providers make content without a definitive purpose in mind.

However, our Vancouver video production company approaches a data-driven strategy to understand your audience and the type of content that will appeal to them to convey your message effectively.

We put optimum effort to ensure that your target audience base is fully aware of your brand highlights and USPs in a way that can be easily comprehended by them. Be it explainer videos or entertaining commercials to subtly convey the message- we do it all.

Furthermore, our video production services can be broadly classified into:

A. Digital Ads

Perhaps, advertisements are the best way to catch your audience’s attention. But communicating what the business has to offer and you’re better than the competitors within a few minutes or seconds is a job easier said than done. And let’s face it- the ever-expanding digital space has resulted in shrinking attention spans more than ever!

That’s why our expert team creates fully optimized video content that caters to the specific requirements of the different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. This ensures seamless communication and comprehension for specific audience groups. We use the best equipment so that you don’t have to compromise on video quality.

Besides, our research helps us understand who to target and how to educate, engage, or entertain them in a way that breaks the “digital noise” to register your brand in their minds.

B. Corporate Videos

Apart from product videos, we offer corporate overview services, which allow you to highlight the core values of your company. A corporate video essentially helps establish better connections with your potential audience, clients, and stakeholders who get a better insight into your work ethics and work culture.

Other Marketing Services

As we have mentioned before, our services aren’t just limited to video production. We also perform:

1. Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing service starts with a thorough audit of your digital presence to understand your audience demographics. In simple terms, we study what appeals to the attention of your audience and how to best convey the content to them.

This is especially required because many businesses and video production agencies try doing too many things in marketing, which either distorts the message or targets the wrong audience base.

However, we make your business focus on the people who matter. Additionally, our expert team tracks the analytics on the World Wide Web to ensure proper video marketing, lead generation, and brand awareness.

Not only that, but we also have our own “Digital Playbook,” which contains a complete marketing strategy that our clients can take home. It helps them understand what is making their digital marketing campaign successful and what is not.

2. Social Media Amplification

What also helps our clients succeed is our result-oriented social media amplification campaigns. For this, we combine quality content, relevant presence, and continuous activity tracking to keep you at the center of your audience’s attention and establish your brand authority.

3. Search Engine Marketing

Unless your business or brand occupies the top spot on web searches, your marketing campaigns are considered futile. However, rest assured that we have an in-depth understanding of keywords, search patterns and trends, as well as technicalities to put you on top of web searches.

4. Email Marketing

Want to expand your sales and lead generation through good old emails? Then leave it on our team to help you create a worthy email list. You can then use it for sending follow-up content or pitching new products and ideas to clients.

5. Website Development

Online presence is the key to success in the age of the internet. That’s why we also have a dedicated team to set up your business website. We start by creating an outline and then developing it to create a fun, interactive, and intuitive platform that can be easily accessed by your customers.

In addition, we conduct detailed SEO analytics and constant upgrades to the front end of your website to insert more relevant keywords.

Final Words

At the core of our services is a genuine passion for helping your brand or business lay a rock-solid foundation. And this is precisely why we have experts who help you deal with the different aspects of video marketing and overall digital marketing.

Simply head to our website for more information on what we do and contact us via email or phone, or walk into our Vancouver office. Plus, you can go through our case studies option to see how digital marketing has helped businesses across different industries soar.

So, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with us today!