Search terms and keywords: What you need to know

Search term data is critical when writing online content for your business. Search terms data helps define search intent and can help businesses compile related keywords, which will help them rank higher in organic search results.

what is a search term

What is a search term

A search term, also known as a search query, is a word or phrase you enter into a search engine. If you entered it into Google, this sentence would be a search term.


What is a keyword

If you Googled “media companies in Langley,” that phrase is the search term. The keywords in that term are “media companies” and “Langley.” Companies that rank for those keywords will appear higher in Google and other search engines. Keywords can be a particular product, such as “cell phone,” or a particular brand, like “iPhone”. Organic results for keywords are the results that appear on Google once you enter your search term.

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What is a search engine

A search engine is a website where you search for things on the internet. You need to type in a website’s exact address to avoid using a search engine to navigate your way through the internet. For simplicity’s sake, we are using Google as our main search engine in this article, but a search engine is any website that generates information, and Google is the most popular.

what is a keyword or search term

Why does keyword research matter

So, if search terms are just what anyone types into Google, how can you compile data and research to get the best possible results for your business? How can you predict the exact search terms people will use? How are you supposed to target customers with search terms? The answer to all of the above is simple: keyword research.

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Keyword research gives you answers to your customers' questions

Keyword research helps you understand and identify the search intent for the keywords you are targeting. While this can help you identify what keywords are worth competing for and what ones aren’t, keyword research is also helpful when creating new content ideas for your business.

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Remember that content matters

Words on a digital page are important when it comes to ranking with Google. If you want your business to be on the first page of Google, you need to rank for relevant keywords and phrases people are searching for. Keywords and search terms do not have to be identical to each other but are often close variations. For example, if you are a media company and you want to rank for the keyword “keyword research” but you know it has a very high competition rate, then you may choose to write content for the keyword phrase “how to do keyword research” if it has less competition.


Optimized, relevant content will help users find your content

If someone is searching in Google “how do I do keyword research” (this would be the search term), then your content written with the keyword phrase “how to do keyword research” would be relevant, related content with the search term your target audience is searching for. Once they find your site based on what they searched for, those optimized words you created using keyword research.

Keyword Research From An SEO Perspective

Keyword research from an SEO perspective

Search engine optimization (SEO) needs keywords and search terms to help your content climb up the search results page. Keyword research is simply finding and analyzing search terms that users search online to use the compiled data for a specific purpose. Most likely, for SEO or general digital marketing purposes.

Keywords And Search Terms on Google Search

You use keywords and search terms every time you Google search

Every time you punch words into Google and scroll through-most likely the first-page only-of Google search results, you are using keywords and search terms to find the information you want.

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Google ads and keyword research

Paid advertising is still part of a well-rounded, planned-out marketing strategy. Google Ads is a type of paid marketing that can place ads at the top of search engines and on non-search websites, apps, and social media sites.

A Google Ads account is a great tool for any business utilizing digital marketing. Google Ads accounts will help compile key search terms in a search terms report, which will tell you how your Google Ads performed when they are viewed by real-time searches.

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Agency Media knows how to create an effective Google ads campaign and how to utilize SEO results. If you’re trying to figure out what Google trends are the best for your business or what search phrase you should utilize, Agency Media is your go-to digital agency in the Lower Mainland. Look at how many keywords we used in the above sentence.