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Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools have made great strides in the past years.  There are tools like Grammarly that check grammar as well as sentence flow, and ChatGPT that create content if given instructions.

While some writers use tools like Grammarly to help check their work, and some business use tools like ChatGPT to write simple, straightforward copy, copywriters are still a valuable asset to any business. Primarily because most writers can infuse their work with passion, originality, and a distinct perspective that cold, calculating algorithms cannot reproduce. 

So, if you are still trying to decide whether to use AI writing tools, here are the pros and cons we have compiled that will make it easier. 

Pros of AI Writing Tools 

Writers and content creators can use AI tools to increase effectiveness, productivity, and output.

AI systems use machine learning and natural language processing to create sentences and paragraphs without human help.AI writing tools provide several benefits but, like any tool, are not flawless. 

  1. Speed and Efficiency 

AI writing tools can save time and effort by automating processes that take human writers a long time to accomplish. 

For example, a well-researched, rich-in-depth, and relevant article takes most high-quality human writers 2-7 days to compose.

The process is long because a human writer must comprehensively research a specific topic (keyword). Even if they are specialists in that topic, they must still explore what readers are looking for to provide relevant content. 

However, AI writing tools may help these writers generate content rapidly, efficiently, and in significant volumes. 

  1. Reduction of Writer’s Block 

For writers experiencing writer’s block, AI writing tools can be helpful. 

The tools in the table below can generate content, help with research, and suggest ideas. 

AI ToolBrief DescriptionPrice
ChatGPTThe newest kid on the block, it simulates human-like discussions with users using machine-learning techniques. ChatGPT can understand natural language input and respond to it.Then, it can respond to inquiries and create original content using the information provided.Free and subscription
WriterThe tool aims to help businesses and groups make good content faster. Writer looks at what the company wants and its customers like, using special computer techniques like natural language processing and machine learning. It saves the group time and money by automating the writing process and ensuring the content is good and helpful.Free trial and subscription
GrammarlyImproves your writing style by checking for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Grammarly also offers feedback on your writing style, such as if it is too casual or formal, and suggestions for development.Free and subscription
Hemmingway EditorIt contributes to the clarity and readability of your work. Hemmingway Editor can help you find long or hard-to-read sentences and suggest ways to make them shorter and easier to understand. It can also help you find sentences that use passive voice, which can make your writing boring, and give you tips on making it more exciting.Free and subscription
QuillbotIt accurately conveys your content’s original meaning through paraphrasing. Quillbot can assist you in coming up with fresh, improved ways to communicate your thoughts, which is especially useful when you’re at a loss for words. Also, it might assist you in keeping your writing’s tone and style consistent. Free and subscription
  1. Perform Repetitive Jobs 

AI writing tools can automate time-consuming processes for human authors, such as generating a content calendar or a blog post outline. 

They free writers’ time for creative duties like content generation, proofreading, formatting, and editing. 

For example, Lately analyzes popular content and creates social media posts to promote it. Other tools can use natural language processing to create outlines or drafts of written content based on specific topics or keywords.

Cons of AI Writing Tools 

While AI writing tools might help you create content quickly and efficiently, they have certain drawbacks. These include: 

  1. Lack of Creativity and Originality 

AI writing tools have limitations in creating unique and original content.

While they can generate text based on existing data, they cannot provide the same creativity and originality as human writers. 

For example, ChatGPT shows a disclaimer that it has “limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021”.

So, if you use ChatGPT, you will always need to verify and counter-check every piece of information it generates. 

  1. Lack of Human Touch and Emotions 

The inability of AI writing tools to recognize the complexities of human emotions can restrict the efficacy of the article generated. 

Unlike AI writing tools, human writers may give a personal touch to their writing that connects with the reader and evokes emotions. 

Furthermore, writers are more than machines that pump out words on a page. They can infuse their work with passion, creativity, and a unique perspective that cold, calculating algorithms cannot imitate. 

  1. Limited Editing Capabilities 

While AI writing tools can assist with text generation, they may have limited editing capabilities. 

Human authors can comprehend the tone and flow of the work and make changes to improve its quality, whereas AI writing tools cannot. 

Should You Use AI? 

Everything relies on your ultimate objective. As Google continues to update its algorithm and Bing includes ChatGPT in its search, you must evaluate if you want your content to rank for the month or for years to come. 

Hence, to rank well on search engines for a very long period, you should invest in high-quality, written content. A combination of human-written content and AI-generated content can help achieve this goal.

Just remember that AI writing tools might not generate high-quality content like people. Hence, consider your objectives and content requirements before using AI writing tools.

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