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Trinity Western University was looking for ways to expand the reach of their marketing campaigns to boost undergraduate applications. Their target audience is teenagers, age 17-20, that have no existing context for the university experience. TWU wanted to go beyond their web and print marketing and use video to show another side of the university.

The Plan

The team got together to really think about the heart of TWU—what are their intimate stories and unique experiences? We wrote a series of videos that focused on an aspect of life at TWU—from the nursing program to dorm life and student-run comedy clubs.

The Process

Across the span of several months, the team spent many days filming on campus with the RED camera and DJI Inspire drone, experimenting with indoor and outdoor locations and a variety of lighting techniques. Each interview subject was scheduled into a 2.5-hour time slot with flexible time in between to grab B-roll footage around campus.

“Agency Media isn’t there to just deliver a product and walk away—it’s really their heart and soul that’s going into it. You can feel that in the end result and the process all the way through.”

Brian Kerr, Executive Director, Undergraduate Admissions Office

The Prize

TWU now has a series of video stories that touch the viewer’s heart and draw them into a flourishing community. Traffic to their website has increased, and with each weekly video release, more students are compelled to submit applications and sign up to attend Preview Weekends at the university. So far the video campaign has produced amazing results for TWU, reaching over 24,000 unique visitors on Facebook and over 8,700 unique visitors across their other social channels and landing pages.

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