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Producing A Documentary

Today We Ride gave us the beautiful and stressful challenge of making a film at 70 miles an hour. The bikes we chased were not concerned with producing a film but with getting from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic in less than 50 hours without crashing. There were no setups or do-overs—everything happened only once and at high speed.

We followed the riders in two production SUVs. In the first SUV (AKA Agency1), Adam Besse directed from the back seat, Michael Bernard filmed from the front seat, and Menno Koehoorn was behind the wheel making sure we didn’t fall behind. In the second SUV (AKA Agency2), Eric Davis directed and filmed from all windows, including the sunroof, while Bryce Westlund drove, often speeding, to make sure Eric was in perfect position to capture the motorcyclists in the right light.

The Ride

Agency1 was given the duty of maintaining pace with the bikes. This was important since there was no way to contact the bikers until they stopped for gas. The plan didn’t always work because of traffic, speeding tickets, and running out of gas. But, one way or another, Agency1 always managed to catch up to the bikes.

Agency2 was often speeding ahead, looking for suitable spots to pull over and film the bikes as they passed. This arduous task was made even more difficult by the high speed at which the bikes were travelling. Agency2 had to drive relentlessly, weaving in and out of traffic to gain time on the riders.

A major challenge was capturing a variety of shots. Most of our footage was of the bikes driving straight on freeways, so we had to be creative with how we were going to capture the essence of the film. At gas stations, we would look for interesting moments between drivers when they would use the washroom, eat food, drink Red Bull, or rest.

Constant driving with no sleep and a steady diet of gas station food put our crew through a physical and mental test. But it didn’t come close to the emotional trial of watching a man with Parkinson’s Disease unwillingly veer all over the road, crash, fall and struggle to simply dismount. Our concern grew and we often yelled at Bob from inside the vehicles to keep his bike straight on the road. It became painfully obvious that he was either going to complete the challenge or die trying.

Filming Bob complete his challenge was both a thrill and a relief.We’ll always remember celebrating his success by running into the Atlantic Ocean together. We hope our portrayal of Bob’s story inspires everyone who sees the film.

Private Screening

We planned a private screening to showcase Today We Ride to an audience of over 300 people. Hosted at the SKY Hangar, with drinks provided by Red Truck Beer and appetisers served by Moxie’s, the event was a huge success. After the filming, we held a Q&A with the documentary crew and Bob Kuhn. Everyone involved with the documentary was able to tell a little of the inspiring and challenging journey.

“Sometimes life is too hard to do all at once. So you take it one step, one minute, one mile at a time.”

Bob Kuhn


The documentary soundtrack included original tracks by Aidan Miller. He performed “Living for Tomorrow” live at the private screening.

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