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Coming To Our Senses With The Fraser Valey

The Fraser Valley has been a long-time partner with Agency Media. In May 2016 we began meeting with representatives in Langley, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack to find out how we could show off the valley’s hidden gems. The goal was to drive more overnight stays for visitors and to generate an overall interest in the Lower Mainland from people living in nearby cities.

We started off on solid ground — the three cities are filled with unique places to adventure, shop, dine, drink, and stay overnight. What they really needed was help getting the word out in an exciting way.

The Plan

Our strategy came in three layers: social, video, and blog. Each channel would integrate to create consistency in the message. This meant a regular stream of blogs and video to support their social media channels.


Our team began by posting regularly on their established Facebook and Twitter accounts, and creating The Fraser Valley’s Instagram account. On all three platforms, #thefraservalley was connected to each post to build up the online community and create new traction. On Instagram, we established a fresh audience with over 2,000 new followers and inspired over 9,000 photos with the hashtag #thefraservalley.

The social platforms were populated by our photos, user-generated photos, in-house videos, and blog posts, creating a diverse but unified message for the audience.


Our video team created five videos for a Come To Your Senses campaign. Each video focused on awakening the five senses, specific to tastes, smells, textures, sounds, and sights in the Fraser Valley. The purpose was to bring the local attractions, scenery, and culture to life.

During May and June of 2017, our videos were distributed on The Fraser Valley’s Facebook and Instagram. The videos had a reach of over 128,000 and engagement of over 2,600. The overall social pages saw huge jumps — both the Instagram and Facebook audiences grew by over 1,000 in just two months.

Sponsored Content

To boost the exposure of our Come To Your Senses campaign, we also ran a sponsored post with Daily Hive. Weekend Trips You Can Easily Take To The Fraser Valley resonated well with Daily Hive’s audience and received over 7000 unique visits, over 115,000 reach on Facebook, and 17,000 impressions on Twitter.


The campaign was complemented by seasonal blog posts. Each one offered places to go, food to taste, and activities to do in order to best embrace these Fraser Valley senses during each time of the year. The blog also gave our team a platform to showcase the Fraser Valley strengths: a combination of farm fresh food, outdoor adventures, wineries and craft breweries, and local events in close proximity. These blogs turned out to be some of our top performing social media posts.

The social strategy and video campaign were huge successes and rewarding for both sides. As a team, we loved being able to experience our own home and show it off in a new way. We found common ground with our client, bonding over a love of our surroundings and a passion for those epic #thefraservalley Instagram shots.

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