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Amplifying A Brand

A company like SKY Helicopters has all the elements needed for a really cool brand—access to beautiful views, adventurous pilots, must-attend events, and helicopters. Our goal in working with SKY is to take those elements and translate them to every media and platform. And then to ensure those things are all increasing sales.

Design + Print

When it comes to print, we’ve worked with SKY on everything from business cards to brochures with flight details. We also overhauled their website with a tailored, ground-up site with Shopify and custom CRM integrations. Because SKY deals with an international audience and important details, the site had to be clear and easy to use. Repetition of essential flight specifics and use of descriptive photography enabled us to build a site that’s informative and visually striking.


SKY Helicopters’ new site is modern and edgy and features stunning photography. It also provides the clear information that their potential customers need to decide on SKY.


To fit with SKY’s adventurous brand, we also filmed a number of videos. The SKY pilot series video with Bianca features some stunning drone footage and has over 10,600 views on YouTube. The 360 video of the Vancouver skyline at sunset was picked up by Daily Hive, shared 79 times on Facebook, and has over 35,400 views on YouTube.


Another one of our goals was letting customers to get to know the company and their potential pilots. For our second pilot video, we followed Bryce Westlund, one of SKY’s long-standing pilots, on a regular work day. This glimpse into the company brings customers into the lifestyle of the brand, while introducing them to the SKY team.


We’ve also enjoyed applying SKY’s brand to Instagram, posting spectacular photos from our Creative Director and taking their average engagement from around 60 likes per photo to around 300 likes per photo in under three months.


We’re also taking SKY’s brand to the next level—and taking advantage of the beautiful SKY Hangar—with a number of sold out events. We partnered with Red Bull to screen the premiere of The Fourth Phase film for a successful event with a 24-foot screen, surround sound, and over four hours of Sunday night milling and film-watching. The event garnered some impressive stats: reach of 3,300 for the Snapchat geofilter and 59,000 on Instagram, 13,000 views of the Facebook video with 200 likes and 70 shares, and 24 people flown in by helicopter.

We followed that event with MOTO8’s only Canadian stop and film screening. This sold out event had a reach of over 30,000 on Facebook and Instagram and the wrap up video was viewed 13,000 times on Facebook.

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