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A Kickstarter Launch

Garmatex Technologies had developed a posture shirt that incorporated their fabrics and techniques. This shirt (called Prime4orm) had helped many early adopters and Garmatex wanted to get the shirt into the hands of more people who struggled with posture issues. They also wanted to provide more exposure for Prime4orm to increase corporate partnership opportunities.

The Plan

Garmatex approached us with the idea of running a Kickstarter. The Kickstarter would address two goals: get the shirt out into the world and make Prime4orm available to those who could use it. This left us with a lofty goal and a short time frame. We needed to develop comprehensive assets that presented all of Prime4orm’s benefits and that explained the technical aspects. We also had to help fund a Kickstarter: $60,000 in 30 days.

The Process

“While we were promoting Prime4orm at the PGA Show in Orlando, FL we had the opportunity to see multiple people try out the shirt. The most touching memory was watching Mike Lara (the designer) give away a shirt to a man that was fighting a cancer that was attacking his spine. He truly believed that Prime4orm would relieve some of his pain.”

Eric Davis, Creative Director

Our first step was to develop the content we would need to explain and present Prime4orm. We created a video for Kickstarter and posted photos and details on the Prime4orm social media channels. We also created written content that was shared through the Garmatex blog, website and Kickstarter page.

Once the Kickstarter had gone live, our job was to keep the conversation going and to make it as easy as possible for people to find and support our campaign. With a mix of social media engagement, social media advertising, cross-promotion, blogging, testimonials and video content we kept the Prime4orm campaign active and fresh.

Through the Garmatex blog, we posted more information about Prime4orm technology and how readers could spread the word. We also suggested updates to the Prime4orm website to increase search friendliness and worked to fine-tune the Kickstarter page content.

The Prize

The most obvious prize? A fully-funded Kickstarter campaign! But the value to the Prime4orm brand extends beyond that to positive market exposure, building of a customer list and getting the shirt into the hands of more users. There is now also a wealth of Prime4orm content that can be used to explain and show off the shirt and its technology to interested customers and buyers.

To celebrate reaching our Kickstarter goal we teamed up with Bailey Mosier from the Golf Channel to shoot a fun video. Together we choreographed a celebration dance while wearing Prime4orm. During our rehearsing we were given fresh new golf shoes courtesy of Biion and black hats from our friends at New Era.

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