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From Idea to Infomercial

Garmatex Technologies, an innovative creator of fabric technologies had developed a new cooling fabric they called IceSkin. The best way for them to present their fabric was with a finished product so they created an IceSkin golf shirt. Agency Media was tasked with introducing this IceSkin golf shirt to the market, including developing an infomercial. As Penelope Henriques, Project Manager for the IceSkin infomercial campaign explains, “We had determined the fonts, but nothing else.”

The Plan

The team pitched a production concept that would provide content for more than just an infomercial—and it all started by heading to the hottest region in North America, Death Valley. We incorporated other characters into the IceSkin story—including firefighters, professional golfers, and caddies—to engage customers in a story that went beyond technical fabric specifications.

The Process

We took a crew down to Death Valley for one week and then another week in Las Vegas. Working with a lean crew, we had crew members who were also cast members. While we were producing the infomercial, we also recorded testimonials from pro golfer Isaac “Sasquatch Sanchez and Tourquest members to use on social media. To create a high-budget feel we rented an RV and wrapped it in an IceSkin design to make it look like a tour bus. Further promotions in Georgia, Orlando, California and enhanced the profile of the IceSkin campaign.

The Prize

“We asked for a Mercedes on a Honda budget but we got the Mercedes.”

Penelope Henriques, Project Manager, IceSkin Campaign

Agency Media provided Garmatex will a full IceSkin package—from branding, website and social to a full IceSkin infomercial. The infomercial—which aired on a number of American networks including Golf Channel, NBC Sports, Fox Business and ESPN—was an overview and the photographs and videos presented on social all built into that overarching story.


We created a website for IceSkin that would serve as a hub for all their campaigns. Our first foray into ecommerce, it was also the place where fans could purchase their very own IceSkin shirts.

The IceSkin Bus

In true Vegas spirit, we went big with IceSkin transportation while filming and scouting in Las Vegas by wrapping a humble RV in an attention-grabbing branded design. Our designer Laura took on the challenge of designing on a huge scale and with a short timeline. Inspired by glaciers, she created a pattern that perfectly fit the IceSkin brand. Garmatex was so happy with the design they used it on other collateral—and the bus looked pretty amazing too.

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