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Journey To The Small Screen

We hired the biggest guy in golf, Isaac “Sasquatch” Sanchez, to promote IceSkin in a commercial we filmed last year. We had instant chemistry. From there we travelled to California, Las Vegas, Georgia and Vancouver promoting different products. This spring Isaac and his friend Ryan Winther were asked to film a reality TV show pilot for Sportsnet San Francisco. The duo named their show Driven and ventured up to Vancouver to shoot two episodes with our team. We took them around BC via helicopter for two adrenaline packed episodes and a lifetime of memories.

The Plan

“Watching the guy who holds a bunch of Guinness Book of World Records for long drives (Ryan Winther), on top of a mountain in my own backyard, drive a biodegradable golf ball off that peak was just amazing. We watched it just go and go and go and keep going.”

Rob Beare, Producer

The plan was to film Ryan “Manbear” Winther and Isaac “Sasquatch” Sanchez teaming up with celebrity guests for adrenaline-filled competitions on and off the course.

Filming the first two episodes of Driven took a lot of preparation. We scouted locations up in the mountains and planned storylines. Each member of the film crew was delegated specific tasks, so we knew what we had to achieve. We were flying by helicopter to some of the shooting locations, so we had to balance gear and weight restrictions. We checked the weight allowance with the helicopter company; they told us Sasquatch needed his own helicopter.

The Process

The shoot days for Driven went by really quickly. The first day we had a very specific itinerary for when we had to be at each location and what we had to accomplish when we were there. But every time we got to a new location we took a minute to appreciate the amazing experience. For the second episode we were able to take our time a bit more. We shot up in a cabin in Tulameen, BC where we became a little island of our own. We had a lot of fun working together to construct a cohesive story from all the footage we captured. We ended up having to make the episodes a little longer to fit into a different slot, but with a little movie magic we made it work.

The Prize

It was amazing to see our episodes on live television. They had a great slot right before the San Francisco Giants game and the second episode aired 17 times drawing an audience of 550,000 viewers in the Bay Area. The show is gathering a great following and we’re excited to see where it goes.

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