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Profitability, Forever! That might sound like a dirty word; “People and businesses who are driven by profit are just out for money. They don’t care about their customers or clients!”

But how can a business or person be profitable, forever, without trust?

To make a profit is easy—tell someone they’ll make $2 if they give you $1. But what happens when that person doesn’t get $2 back? What happens when word spreads of your great promise, but terrible delivery?
To create “profitability, forever” for your company, you must provide a product and service to a level of satisfaction that will keep your relationship with your customer or client strong.
You must set reasonable expectations. You must deliver on your estimations. You must clearly communicate your successes and areas that you will improve. If you are able to accomplish these “musts” with every customer or client, you are producing the “profitability, forever” effect.

An equal concern for any business is operating without creating profit.

Selling something for less than what it’s worth—consistently—certainly might make it easy to satisfy a client and keep them happy and content with your service: they don’t have to pay anything AND they are getting stuff in return!

Businesses who focus on revenue generation without understanding the bottom line of their business will eventually have to cut their “bargain service” that is being offered or underachieve in terms of results as they have to cut corners!
This mirage provides no foundation to build on.

“Profitability, forever” is something all businesses—and clients—should keep in mind.
it’s a positive way of understanding how making money doesn’t mean you have to be greedy.
It means that you are concerned for your client, the longevity of their business, and the ability of your company to provide a service for years and years to come!

Remember, only the Government can consistently operate under a deficit and remain in business.