Body Mods

Small changes can lead to big results. BodyMods is an established body jewelry brand that owns and operates piercing and tattoo studios across B.C. They also have an online business where they sell their jewelry and other related products.


Project Goals

BodyMods came us wanting to increase their website traffic. BodyMods also wanted to establish their voice as a trusted, quality brand and resource for knowledge about jewelry and body modification.

BodyMods Studio 2


Through our preliminary research, we discovered that the majority of Canadians spell “jewelry” the American way with one l, vs the British way with two. In Canadian spelling, either is correct grammatically, however with the majority of Canadians searching for jewelry not jewellry, we changed the spelling on their website. Since changing “jewellry” to “jewelry” on BodyMods’ website and product pages we have seen a large increase in organic traffic.


Monthly, Agency Media

  • Conducts ongoing research for the latest keywords people search.
  • Looks at trends for what jewelry is the most popular among BodyMods’ clients and targeting those pages for optimization first
  • Looks at verbiage used for different jewelry for what is more popular to a Canadian audience.