Most video content is created without a specific purpose. Depending on how familiar a viewer is with your business and brand will determine what content is most appropriate for that viewer at the time and place they are in your digital marketing funnel.

We start by understanding who your most engaged audiences are by using a data-driven strategy and create the kind of video content that will reach those audiences and accomplish your goals. Making potential client’s or customers aware of your brand, showcasing highlights that differentiate you from your competition, and reminding visitors of what it is you have to offer; to communicate with each of these potential audiences, we create video content that is specific for their understanding and needs.

Our list of video productions includes tourism commercials, heavy-duty industrial machine overviews, corporate culture celebrations, creative tv spots, educational content, stories, clusters or series of content, and digital marketing resources.

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Facebook and Instagram video

Social Media Video

It’s no surprise that video is becoming the most effective form of social media content.

With its high engagement, more social media platforms are optimizing their algorithms to favour video and making it one of the biggest drivers for search engine marketing. Our creative teams come together to make Facebook and Instagram videos that engage instantly with your audience and bring your brand alive.

Strategic content for ROI

Digital Advertisements

When creating a digital ad, video is one of the best ways to immediately captivate your audience. It cuts through the digital noise and has the potential to evoke an emotional response in less than six seconds. 

We produce videos that are easy to cut and segment, giving us the opportunity to create A/B testing and find the right ad for the most clicks. We strategically distribute online through Facebook ads or YouTube ads.

Videos for captivating brand awareness


When you are looking for a more creative way to reach your audience, a commercial opens up opportunity to show off your brand in an entertaining and effective way. It’s a great way to show off a product or service in order to generate sales, create brand awareness, or build on a strong campaign.

Our video and copy teams get to know your brand, your goal, and your distribution so we can build out a script and develop a story that captures your specific audience. The commercial is often cut into smaller, micro-videos that can be used on multiple channels, creating more longevity for your message.

Show your culture in a brand new way

Corporate Overview Video

How do you stand out from your competition in such a busy digital world? A corporate overview is a great way to showcase your brand and show off your company culture.

Our approach is to make your business appropriately engaging. We want to understand your communication with customers, employees, and your community. The brand voice of your company will help us to begin creation in a direction that suits your business. Our aim is to make your audience laugh, listen, learn—or all three!

We get to know the people behind the business and highlight the heart inside of the company. We take the time to introduce your audience to key team players and stakeholders and give that audience a glimpse into your businesses process and values.

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