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Westlund Group’s Agency Media opens Kelowna office, “Agency Media Interior” January 1st 2019.

December 18th 2018 – The Westlund Group of companies is no stranger to the interior of the province with companies such as Sky Helicopters, Apex Wireless and Agency Media they have been highly involved in rural BC communities for quite some time. Headquartered in Surrey BC, Agency Media primarily works with small to medium sized businesses on their digital marketing initiatives and strategies throughout Canada from their Surrey, British Columbia office. The Agency is also the owner and operator of the well known Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC) held in Squamish every year.
“Our company’s primary pillars are Sales, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness and Recruitment. One of our major differentiators is creating compelling and high-quality video content that can be utilized by our clients to optimize their sales process. We are excited to partner with local companies on their recruitment strategies and how they can effectively use digital to attract the right team members. The interior of this province is full of amazing small to medium-sized businesses that have unique cultures and attitudes. The opportunity to partner with them is exciting for us and we are looking forward to being a part of this business community”, said Agency Media’s president Adam Besse when asked about the new Interior office.
Agency Media has already worked with several industries throughout the province, and has donated their time to local communities. The community of Tulameen’s website was sponsored by and provided by The Westlund Group, with Agency Media executing the project.
Agency Media regularly holds events, networking opportunities and educational workshops which they are excited to bring the interior of the province.
Any media inquiries can be sent to
(604) 587-6858