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We can sum up our Agency Media team with one sentence: creative marketers motivated by data-driven results.

Our team is a collection of video producers, inspiring creatives, technical savvy experts, learners, educators, and moral compass believers. Our goal is to deliver value to your business that provides you with the tools and understanding of how to get the most out of your digital marketing

Meet the team who helps to make up the foundation of our business and who you will be working with, step by step, as we discover and create a solution that satisfies your wants and needs.

What’s in a name

Part digital agency, part media production company, Agency Media brings two halves of the industry together to form a one-stop shop for all our clients.

In 2013, Agency Media started out as a video production agency that wanted to make great videos for businesses. We quickly realized that video gets the best ROI when it’s paired with a holistic digital marketing strategy.

Since then, we’ve grown into a diverse collection of people and skills, yet all with one thing in common: a commitment to giving brands real opportunity in the digital space through quality and scalable content.


In order to be taken seriously, your business can’t have content that looks like it was slapped together without thought. We hold a sense of ownership over everything we shoot, design, write, produce, or create, pushing us to make content that your team and ours can be proud of.


The Agency office is a bustle of creative interaction, brainstorms, and collaborative ideas. We thrive off stretching ourselves to come up with innovative ideas and looking at projects from new angles. Creativity is what makes our services stand out.


No business can survive on just one piece of content. The only way to fight for space in the digital age is by spreading your message out with a lot of work. We create content that is easily scalable and adaptable to multiple mediums so that your message is never missed by your audience.

Meet the LEADERSHIP team

Joel Macdonald


Joel has over 20 years of sales and business management successfully managing two Apex Wireless locations before becoming the Director of Business Development for the company in 2017.  He is currently operating a dual role within the Westlund Group as president of both Apex Wireless and Agency Media. Joel’s hands on and effective sales management, business management and attention to detail provides the company with the ability to effectively provide value to all of our clients.
Joel’s all about leadership and has built and grown successful teams over the past 20 years across multiple verticals of the business.  Prior to starting at Apex Wireless, he was a radio announcer at EZ Rock 106.3 in Golden BC —– he has still has the charisma of an on air personality.

Adam Besse


Our hands-on Chief Creative Officer and client-focused creative first got into the field with his love for videos. With a degree from Capilano’s Motion Picture Arts program, experience working in sales, producing award-winning feature films, directing and producing commercials, videos, tv shows, documentaries and corporate video, he leads our team with incredible knowledge of both business and production. With more energy than his two young kids combined, Adam brings an unparalleled enthusiasm into everything he does.

Leland Dieno


Leland has over 20 years in digital marketing experience working both for a large retail operation with over 150 locations as a digital marketing specialist managing and conceptualizing their digital shopper marketing program and then managing a digital marketing team in higher education at a local university before coming to Agency as our Director of Digital Strategy. In August 2019 he was promoted to Vice President. He has been supporting small businesses with their websites and online advertising since 2001 and is the founder of a really cool brand promoting and empowering fathers.

Andrew Westlund


As President of the Westlund Group and CEO of Agency Media, Andrew has over 25 years of experience in business. He is passionate about engagement, disruption, and entrepreneurship. When he’s not working with one of his 12 companies, he’s flying helicopters, driving boats, cycling, or mountain biking.

Meet the rest of the team

Get to know the people behind the projects. Our group is a collection of big personalities and hard workers. When we’re not collaborating in the office, you can usually find us hanging out together over drinks or at a local comedy show.

The playbook

In order to create the best product for you, we have to know the in’s and out’s of your business. The Playbook is a tangible roadmap, auditing your website SEO, social media, and branding, providing our professional advice on the next steps for your marketing plan.

Our services

From websites to social media posts to video production, our team works together under one roof to create products that unfold into a seamless and cohesive marketing plan.