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Google is the most used search engine. It has become so famous that even ad marketers have supported the argument that Google leads the way in marketing and advertising. 

But recently, Microsoft has been disrupting the market and changing things up with its new formats and marketing skills. So where should you put your money? 

To help you know where to allocate your marketing budget, we break down each advertising platform’s key differences and similarities in this article. 

Microsoft Ads vs. Google Ads Similarities 

Google and Microsoft Ads are advertising platforms owned by tech giants Google and Microsoft. 

They both have these similarities

  • Offer keyword-targeted ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant terms. 
  • Have an ad creation process that involves selecting your audience, ad copy, and image or video to use in your ads. 
  • Allow you to create multiple ads to advertise simultaneously. 

Microsoft Ads vs. Google Ads Differences 

Before deciding which platform will work best for your business, you must consider some of these critical differences. 


Microsoft, formerly known as Bing ads, may offer similar features to Google, but the company updates them years after Google does. Meaning by the time Microsoft incorporated a feature like Local Inventory Ads in 2019, Google had already rolled it out in 2018. 

Below is a summary of ads that Google and Microsoft offer in three categories. 

AdGoogle AdsMicrosoft Ads

Responsive Display, Engagement, Uploaded Image, and GmailWindows, Microsoft Edge, Xbox, Outlook, and MSN
ShoppingLocal inventory and Product ShoppingDynamic, Travel, Responsive Search, Microsoft Store, Multimedia, Shopping Campaigns, and Ad extensions
SearchText, Dynamic, Responsive, Call only and Shopping Expanded Text, Dynamic, Bing Smart Search, Product, and Responsive Search

Search Volume 

In December 2022 these were Google Ads, and Microsoft (Bing) Ads search volume statistics: 

  • Google reportedly received 3.5 billion searches daily, while Bing had 900 million
  • Microsoft had a 4.27% search engine market share compared to Google’s 92.58%. 
  • Google received 86.4 billion visits, while Bing had 1.2 billion. 
  • Most females preferred Google, while men preferred Bing. 

Therefore, Google still reigns when it comes to search volume. 

The word “Google” has substituted the word “Search” online. When someone asks a question to which you do not know the answer, most people reply, “Just Google it!” 


A pay-per-click (PPC) platform like Microsoft or Google allows advertisers to bid on keywords in the hope that their text ads will appear for relevant searches. 

While Google Ads has a higher search volume, the competition here is stiff, and as in every market, demand drives up the cost.

So, Microsoft ads are 37.8% less expensive than Google Ads, but Microsoft Shopping advertisements outperform Google by 45%. 

Click-Through Rate (CTR) 

The click-through rate is a metric that measures how often visitors to your website click on advertisements. Your advertising is more likely to be successful and increase revenue if it has a higher click-through rate. 

For instance, Google Ads still attract a higher click-through rate of 3.17% for search ads, while display ads have an average of 0.46% across industries. 

On the other hand, Microsoft advertising varies by category, with clothes and accessories having the highest average CTR of 3.33% and Business to Consumer (B2C) having the lowest at 2.12%. 

Hence, click-through rates will assist you in fine-tuning your advertising when you understand which marketing platform performs best. So, it would be best to combine Google Ads with Microsoft Ads to target each market equally. 

Which Is Better: Microsoft Ads or Google Ads? 

Both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are effective marketing tools, but they work best together rather than against one another. 

Why? You may pick Google for its higher CTR, but Microsoft had 14.7 billion monthly PC searches as of October 2022. Also, if your niche is finance or business, you should consider Microsoft Ads because it performs exceptionally well in these two areas. 

The aftermath?

You lose a wide audience by not leveraging both Google and Microsoft ads. 

The best way to use both marketing tools is to set up campaigns on both platforms. It will enable you to target customers where they are most likely to see your adverts. 

For example, Microsoft advertisements are the best to target men, but if you want to reach women, use Google ads. However, if you sell a product or service that everyone can use, you should leverage the two ad platforms. 

Furthermore, even though Google receives 92% more mobile searches, Bing Places for Business is superior for local inquiries among businesspeople, the wealthy, and highly educated individuals. 

Hence, you can maximize your reach and get the most out of your marketing budget by leveraging both platforms to achieve your goals. 

Want to Try Microsoft or Google Ads?

Microsoft and Google ads are good marketing platforms helping you reach different users. So, choose the PPC platform that applies to you. But you should leverage the two platforms to create the most comprehensive online advertising campaign possible. 

If you’re looking for a digital ads specialist, talk to us.  At Agency Media, we will create a personalized digital ad map based on your online data to give you the best results. Our team of experts will help you with your brand awareness, generating leads, video distribution, and everything you need for a successful digital ads campaign.