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Case Study: Enchant Christmas Light Maze

When Enchant approached us, they had big dreams of creating the first Christmas light maze in Vancouver and the biggest Christmas light maze in the world. It would include 55,000 square feet of custom light sculptures, 40 vendors, and 12 food trucks — all in the heart of Vancouver.
The event was the brainchild of Kevin Johnston, owner of Shine. The Vancouver-based light company creates custom displays to bring the magic of the season to life.

The groundwork

Shine’s touch was already all around Vancouver. They had set up light displays for Pacific Centre, Park Royal, North Vancouver’s Indigo, and Grouse Mountain. But now Kevin wanted to create something a little different.

The plan

Our strategy was built on top of the buzz already happening around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Enchant would give Vancouver an attraction filled with Christmas magic and we would boost momentum and manage social media.

Social media

Enchant had already established a strong following on Facebook but wanted to go bigger. We developed their Instagram and Twitter accounts to reach a wider demographic and to better showcase the beauty of the event. With a limited time before opening day, we used the speed of social media to get the word out — and give out a few early Christmas presents. We partnered with SKY Helicopters to create an Instagram contest for some sweet giveaways.


The Christmas season is all about bringing friends and family together and that’s exactly what we wanted to capture in our videos. We created six Facebook videos to promote the event and encourage contest participation. The videos were a quick and successful way to bring the magic of the event to such a large audience.


In any event, the first attempt is always going to require ironing out a few details. For the 50 days Enchant was open, our team was on call to answer questions and concerns that came through social media. This included directing online reviews as well as shooting a video to keep the public informed on how issues were being resolved.

The magic

The contest and video posts brought the online audience up by 40% and reached 16 million impressions by the end of the campaign (almost a 480% increase since their initial Facebook page creation). The social media promotions were a huge success, pulling a total of 230,000 people through the event.

The silver lining was in our team’s response to the vast amount of comments. Despite getting hundreds of messages through social channels, our video and social teams took action to address every concern. The feedback was exactly what the audience was looking for and those posts achieved some of the highest engagement over the entire campaign.

Working with a first-time event like Enchant was unpredictable but rewarding. We applied our social media management at a whole new (stress) level while maintaining the charm of the event. Our team worked quickly and professionally, giving us the confidence to approach any social media challenge. The Enchant team celebrated a successful event and now has assets and data they can use to launch Enchant next season or in new cities.

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