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It was the best of CES, it was the worst of CES, it was the age of WiFi, it was the age of quadcopters, it was the epoch of VR, it was the epoch of wearables. We’re wrapping up our time in Las Vegas for CES 2016 with The Average Joel Show and we’re dropping in with some of our highlights.

The Trip

We flew into Las Vegas in style.
And hit the convention center floor.
CES 2016 Agency Media


We battled crowds, traffic and infinite choices to scope out the latest in consumer tech—and to film The Average Joel Show.

The Tech

The obvious features of this year’s show: drones, drones, and more drones. Hint: They aren’t just for cameras anymore.
Everyone’s favourite reality. The virtual kind. Go skydiving, fight aliens, or watch your favourite flick on a 50-foot screen—all from your recliner.
CES 2016 Agency Media
We ran into 360Heroes—the makers of our 360º Camera Rig—and got a sneak peek at the future of spherical video. Adam got pretty excited.
CES 2016 Agency Media
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Or you can head over to Facebook to see all our photos or get the play-by-play on Twitter or Instagram. Until next time, nerds.