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It’s one of life’s ironies: the cobbler’s son goes without any shoes; the town’s best mechanic has a car that barely runs. When it’s our job to make other people’s shoes, sometimes we run out of energy and time to make our own. The same often holds true for agency life—although we usually have great shoes. We spend all our time enhancing other people’s brands and telling other people’s stories that we run out of time to enhance our own brand and tell our own story. A quick Google search of agency blogs paints a well-intentioned, but half-hearted picture. A scene of every other month reminders: “Wait, when was the last time we posted on our blog?”

That’s why you do it like Made by Many and add an embedded storyteller to your team. Or you hire a sometimes-journalist as your Content Editor. I will find a way to write about cool things I find on the worldwide webs and random thoughts and call it work. Blogging gives my brain a chance to roam and get inspired. If your job depends on your ability to pull creativity out of the air, sometimes a little roaming is necessary. Also, blogging looks a bit better on your timesheet than staring out the window or browsing Medium.

But why bother? With the difficulty of maintaining consistent content is it even worth it to build an agency blog? I think so. Your company blog is the place where you can establish your brand, tell your story, share your expertise and offer insights on the work you do every day. It’s a way to engage your current and potential customers and clients and offer a little peek behind the scenes of your magic-making factory. At least that’s what Hubspot told me.

Are you an enthusiastic blogger or an avid blog-reader? I’m a huge Bloglovin’ fan; on mobile only, please and thank you. Tell me I’m not the only one.