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It’s always exciting when traffic to your website increases. While more footfall is always great, what really matters is how many of these people are buying the products and services you have to offer. This is known as the conversion rate. 

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of enhancing your digital marketing strategy to drive leads that convert into customers. A well-optimized CRO strategy means more conversions and, therefore, a better ROI on your marketing strategy. 

CRO Video Strategy

Video is a great medium to engage potential clients and convert them into customers. It is also a great way of reminding existing customers of your services and re-engaging them. Contrary to what one may think, video is not meant for social media advertising alone. Research suggests that video content on landing pages increases conversion rates by 80 – 86 percent. Google found that almost 50 percent of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

However, with users surrounded by various forms of media all the time, using the right CRO video strategy is vital to making sure your campaign is a success. Factors like the length of the video and its placement all play a part in your CRO video strategy. Read on for our top tips for using video in your CRO campaigns.

How to Use Video in Your CRO Strategy

There are plenty of different ways to incorporate videos into your campaigns:

  1. Placement 

Campaign landing pages are a great place to introduce video content to your viewers. A compelling video can have them asking, “Where do I sign up?” This is exactly what you want them to do. Another way to use videos is on product pages. A short video explaining how a product works, along with views from different angles can be much more effective in driving sales than a bunch of photographs and wordy text.

  1. Use a CTA

While videos have the power to grab attention, people need to know what to do with the information they receive via your video. Including a Call To Action (CTA) drives conversion. You can actually place lead generation forms in your video itself, so customers don’t have to scroll down on your page to access them (or miss them).

  1. Custom Thumbnails

Using an apt thumbnail can decide whether someone watches your video or not. You need to think about what attracts your customer base. For example, a visual of a smiling, fun-looking person is more likely to get clicked on than a wall of text that looks like the fine print at the end of an insurance form.

  1. Keep Them Short

You have the first 15 seconds to capture your viewer’s interest; if you can give them all the information they need in that time, even better. If you need to have a video longer than 30 seconds, ensure you put the most important information right at the beginning. You can even insert your CTA a few seconds into your video, so you don’t lose potential clients because they haven’t watched the video through to the end.

  1. Video Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns have made a comeback. Integrating videos into your email marketing strategy can drive conversions up. 

Now that you know a CRO video strategy can drive sales, it’s essential to put it to the test. An experienced digital marketing and video agency like Agency Media will not only develop your CRO video strategy, but they can also shoot the videos you need for it. 

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