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When it comes to websites, nothing is worse than someone immediately clicking away from your website or having your site not optimized for a positive user experience. So, how exactly do you get someone to visit your website more often, and for longer.


Having Call To Action in various forms placed throughout your website will cause a user to participate in taking that action. Different CTA’s include email sign-ups, contact forms, and buttons that will navigate a user to different areas or pages of your site.


This is another form of a CTA, but it makes the user choose a particular action before continuing on the website. But, be careful with this one, because too many popups may cause a user to completely exit from the site.


Video. Users, whether it’s on a mobile phone, or on a desktop at work when you’re scrolling through a website, video help keep visitors interested and engaged.


Offer something to entice the reader to stay on your website longer. For example, if you’re a digital marketing company, offer a free website audit for your business! Or, with an email sign-up, receive a free toolkit to help grow your business. This incentive will get people to stay on your site longer and what you are giving to the user causes yourself and/or your business little to no effort, time or money!

Visuals & Text

Imagery is key to keeping users engaged and active on a website! A picture can tell a story and a visually appealing site can engage a user. Alongside visuals, the text should be short and to the point. Too many wordy paragraphs will lose a user’s attention. The average words per web page should be between 300-500 words.

It is an absolute must that you have installed Google Analytics on your website. This way, you can properly monitor KPIs and improve poor-performing ones!