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We release a bazillion gigs of content every month on all of the platforms that have ever existed and then sit back and watch what happens. And what we are discovering is that the “story” ability of your favourite social media, like Facebook story, Instagram story, and even YouTube story, are the best way to get the most out of your hard-earned dollar.
When social media platforms start something new, they want to push it to see if it has legs. And it turns out, stories have really long, profitable legs!
Digital advertising is a wave of ups and downs and back and forths between where people are spending their time and giving their attention. We think this way at Agency; wherever there are eyes, there you will find our presence, sharing with those individuals the content that we understand they crave.
Stories (vertical content that tells a user to “swipe up” instead of “click the link”) have shown us some incredible results. We ran a recent campaign with a development company and although our cost-per-click was nearly 6X higher than our automated placement ad groups (roughly $3 per click, up from $0.50), the cost per lead was over 3X lower (roughly $5, down from $15).
What’s most important to your business: people walking through your doors or actual sales?
Let’s continue this analogy: when we at Agency Media are looking to provide our client’s with beneficial results, our focus isn’t how many people we are bringing to your store to look around. We care about providing you with more business. If we can achieve this by paying less for visitors in total, and by paying more for highly valuable potential customers, we are going to focus on the low-hanging, highly valuable prospects!
And that’s why we are so excited about implementing Story content into our digital marketing funnels! People love them and so do the platforms that use them. The race to one billion daily active users is on and if you can get up on your board and ride this wave you just might find yourself washed up on the shores of El Dorado.
I know in that metaphor you end up on land and that kills the whole ‘riding the wave’ thing, but, El Dorado is a fake place. Results from stories are not. Get vertical!

Alexander Johnson
Director of Campaigns