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This month on the blog our Content Editor Katy wants us to focus on design. I’m ok with that because after a month of talking about social media, you start to despise those words a little. Not because I hate social media (I actually love it) but because it shouldn’t really be something we need to talk about. In today’s world social media is designed to be our personality, appearance and our voice.
That might be a little dramatic but I’m trying really hard to incorporate design into my post and all I can think about is social media.

Adam here, by the way; Creative Director at Agency Media and overall rambler. I think I can still hit this blog on the nose for Katy though. You see, I’m designing my use of social platforms to help work out my creativity. Through social I am pushing my limits by forcing myself to work within a box.
I’m extremely inspired by Casey Neistat, a NYC filmmaker who has found success on YouTube. He’s a pretty big deal online; he’s done viral ads for companies like Nike and J.Crew, and even had an HBO show.

A few months ago he said he was leaving the world of advertisement to produce a daily vlog on his YouTube channel. Why? To challenge himself to create a film every day in order to improve at his craft. And you know what? They are actually interesting, well done and consistent.

Making a film, commercial, social video, or anything creative takes time, energy and people. Sometimes the creative pulse can get lost in the process and you end up performing a task instead of creating art. Seeing a daily vlog from someone at his level inspires and challenges me. I don’t need anyone but myself to vlog daily. I don’t need to strategize with a group and establish a collaborative creative process. It’s appealing, but can I be creative every day? Do I have the bandwidth to do the work?

So instead of jumping straight into the world of vlogging, I designed a path to get myself there. Using Snapchat, I’m making a point to unabashedly try and make something entertaining. Turning my everyday into engaging snaps has been an interesting project—some of my posts are entertaining and some are pretty cringe-worthy. But because it’s Snapchat, my snaps won’t be out there forever and I have more chances at bat.

This process is building a habit of documenting my day. Keeping my brain in this snap mode forces me to be creative with the most basic tasks. I stay switched on and get comfortable so my mind can enter a flow state. I haven’t hit go on my vlog, but once I do I’ll be prepared and ready—warts and all.

Check out this great blog post that talks about how routine can spark creativity. What routines are you designing, or habits are you forming to challenge yourself? Find me on Snapchat @adambesse!