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As web developers, website administrators and content marketers we continue to get creative with our ongoing updates and website initiatives. Finding small, resource-light and inexpensive solutions to improve our website’s usability has required us to become a lot more creative over time. I have found over the years that enabling simple dynamic content onto a website can drastically improve usability and the user experience as a whole.

If you have users visiting your website from multiple geographic locations, dynamically geotargeting content based on their location can significantly improve usability, and the visitor’s overall experience and drive more conversions.

Smart Insights wrote earlier this year about how geotargeting content to your website’s visitors can improve conversion rates. This isn’t a new concept, but it is something that web developers and content administrators often struggle with as there are technical resources required to implement it. As I wrote earlier this month, localization and geotargeted search results should be top of mind when working on your SEO; so why not continue that through to the user experience and attempt to tailor content relevant to your website’s visitors?
Google Analytics can very easily tell us if people are visiting our websites from different countries and cities.
google analytics geotargeting
There are various tools and plugins that allow us to tailor content based on the user’s location and if you are running WordPress, a simple google search will return plenty of plugins or modules that will assist you in tailoring your content based on your visitor’s location.
Here are 3 content ideas when it comes to geotargeting that I have used in the past to drive conversions:

  1. If you have visitors from multiple countries visiting your website for different reasons, you can present them with completely different homepage creative (images or video) that is custom-made to convey messaging most relevant to them.
  2. If you are running banner advertisements for monetization throughout your website, geotargeting specific creatives to users in specific cities or countries can increase click-through rates as they will find it much more relevant.
  3. Simple, personalized messaging can help improve your user experience if a website visitor knows that you are providing products or services in their area. For example, if a person visits your site from Paris, and you ship to Paris, why not have a message somewhere that automatically says “Now shipping to Paris!”.

As we move towards more localized user experiences online, adding dynamic, geo-targeted content to your website can improve your overall usability, and provide a much better experience for your customers. If you are interested in integrating geotargeting into your existing website or chatting with us about any other website initiative contact us.