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Every company has a story. Founders, CEOs, presidents, and team members are all passionately working towards aligned goals and creating impact. Often when we think of some industries we can’t creatively conceptualize just how much of a story a company might have. In fact, some may assume that industries aren’t that exciting, but I can assure you that every company that is operating has a brilliant story of culture, work ethic, a dream and most importantly its people.
As I mentioned previously,  bringing video content into your sales funnel can drastically improve conversion rates or generate sales and leads.
Transparently sharing your company’s journey and story with your current and prospective customers can create connections, brand ambassadors and truly inspirational ties between them and your brand.
What’s more important is just how critical video is now in the sales funnel process. Digital Sales funnels have become mandatory for most businesses. In some form or another customers are looking into your company online, or interacting with it. This could be in the form of social media reviews or direct response advertisements on google or other CPC networks.
Here is an example of how we helped Corinthian Distributors LTD tell their story:

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