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How do you translate the work of a Biomass Operations department into a video that informs, engages and inspires anyone who watches it? You tell a story that’s about more than transforming piles of wood waste into clean energy; it’s about company values, employee pride and genuine love for our beautiful environment.

Our video team filmed the Ledcor biomass process while remaining figurative flies on the wall. In a 3-day production, Adam and Rob captured how safe their procedures were, without slowing down their production. Day 1 was full of planning, strategy and prep. On day 2 our team flew with SKY Helicopters up to the Ledcor site in Merritt, with the Manager of Biomass Operations, Andrew Hansen. They first started at a remote site where a log loader was loading onto a grinder that was feeding a transport truck. In order to capture all these moving parts, aerial photography was key.

Once shooting was complete they flew down to a central surge location where the feedstock was dumped. It was then reloaded into B-Trains that would haul the fibre down the TransCanada highway to Mission BC. Catching up to the B-Train as it hauled down the highway was an unexpected challenge. Closely resembling a large-scale game of Where’s Waldo, it involved peering out the helicopter windows and flying over peaks. “Every semi truck that we approached we wondered if it was the one. While flying up to Merritt we had scouted preferred locations to capture aerials of the truck, and it just so happened that we caught up to the truck at the exact location that we had hoped for. If we were just a few minutes longer that moment would’ve been lost,” recounts Rob.

They spent 12 hours filming, working with Ledcor every step of the way to follow safety protocol. Day 3 was shot at Ledcor’s site in Mission. Using the DJI Inspire 1 drone, the team was able to capture the size and movement of the site and highlight the journey of the Ledcor transport trucks.

The video team’s cinematic approach built on some of Ledcor’s previous assets. By using the drone to convey movement, they were able to invoke an emotional response. This forward movement coincides with Ledcor’s aim of moving forward, together. With the Red camera’s higher frame rates, they were able to capture slow motion footage to dramatize the process. As Adam explains, “We wanted to show that what’s going on—their passion for the environment—is beautiful.”

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