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We know as marketers that video earns more organic reach than any other content on social media.  Whether working on a million dollar digital marketing campaign or a $500 budget, data has always driven the strategy.  So far in my experience, the data is proving that even short animated videos can achieve far more reach than a simple image posted on social media channel. Even utilizing a video in a blog post can earn a lot more traction, driving more engagement while benefiting your overall SEO strategy.
What is absolutely most important about digital video marketing campaigns is the potential reach compared to traditional mediums. For example, if you purchase a spot on a local television station, you are generally paying a specific amount of money for a projected reach (audience numbers). These costs tend to be high and your target audience is only based off one value: the audience likes that TV channel.
The price point is the obvious value proposition for executing a digital video marketing campaign. You can create and amplify a video campaign much more affordably than traditional routes and target a far more specific audience. In my opinion, this is giving smaller companies the opportunity to compete with the big brands for “views”.

The reality is, you can earn the same viewership digitally, that you can via traditional tv.

More and more people are watching their television shows online, and through impression bidding, you can now pre-roll digital videos across all of those entertainment channels. Plus, new platforms are being integrated into consumer’s lives every day. Youtube’s recent “Youtube Music” launch is a perfect example of utilizing video on a day to day basis. Consumers can now watch their favourite artist’s music videos all in one place with minimal effort. Why not target your audience where you know they are consuming content?
If your goal with a TV commercial is to reach 1 million viewers (impressions) in a month, the process would typically include a media buyer negotiating a price with a network/station and then ensuring you are targeting the best audience by time of day and type of show.

THE Digital targeting process has never been more granular.

Imagine not only being able to target potential clients or customers by time of day and type of content, but also based on recent interactions with your brand, past purchases, and even data modeling that could predict whether or not they are going to engage with your brand. Many years ago this sort of language would have seemed far-fetched, but the data doesn’t lie. Platforms like Facebook Ad Manager and Google Adwords + Programmatic Ad buying can now legitimately predict whether or not a person is going to convert. It takes some time and some strategy in place to monitor and scale based on data, but the possibilities of targeting are endless.
In summary, if you are launching a new storefront, a new product or service, or you simply just want to put your brand in front of thousands, or even millions of people in specific geographic areas who are likely to be interested in your content (and actually watch it), digital video content distribution can get you there. You can have real impact by pushing your video across specific channels.

If you are interested in discussing the possibilities of how video can take your brand to the next level, contact us!