Digital Marketing for Restaurants

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, especially when you're the new kid on the block. This is why you must do everything possible to let the world know what you have on the menu. In today's world, that means getting your name in front of hungry diners. Offline marketing is still important. Newspaper ads, radio spots, and TV commercials are all effective means of promotion. However, chances are your potential customers are browsing online for a place to book a reservation or place a food order, so it makes sense that you have a strong digital presence. The more restaurant marketing resources you have at your disposal, the better. Here are some proven digital marketing strategies for restaurants of every flavour.

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Perfect Your Website

Do you have a website? If not, you’d better get on it. Restaurants with websites build trust. This is where people can go to get a sense of your eatery’s atmosphere through images and video. It’s also a smart place to present your menu.

And because people looking for a place to eat likely have their mobile devices in hand, you need to ensure your website loads fast and looks good on smaller screens. Is your website responsive? If not, you’re losing potential diners.

Repeat customers are created through positive experiences at your restaurant and online. Even the yummiest pizza won’t be popular if ordering it is always a hassle.

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Strategic Partners Could Offer the Missing Ingredients

Do you have complementary businesses nearby that you are friendly with? Sometimes partnerships with other companies can work in your favour. Links to other trusted businesses are good for your website’s Google ranking, especially when those businesses link back to your site.

Use your imagination when thinking about potential partnerships. The live theatre down the street may be willing to mention your restaurant as a place for dining before or after a show. And you could promote their playhouse to your patrons looking for an evening out.

An attractive website and strong social media presence will put you in a better position to suggest those partnerships.

Digital Marketing For Restaurants

Your Website and Social Media Should Look Appetizing

Website visitors and online customers quickly translate to in-person visits and reservations, but only if your online presence is as appealing as your entrees.

That means professional pictures or professionally shot videos to capture the sights and sounds that attract customers and appeal to your target audience.

But is that enough of a digital marketing strategy for your restaurant business to stay competitive?

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Being Seen Means Getting on Google

No matter your business type, you’ll want a Google Business Profile. It’s a free listing anyone can set up and a convenient way to boost your online visibility.

It presents the key information about your restaurant (or any business) and gives you the authority to present the information you want to see. A Google business listing with all your contact details is a great first step for any business.

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SEO Provides Delicious Results

Choosing the correct words your customers are typing into a search engine is critical. Search engine optimization is a crucial component of any online business.

When people type in ‘Mexican food near me,’ you don’t want your Mexican eatery showing up on page 10 of Google. Ensuring your online content contains the keywords and phrases people are looking for is essential for any restaurant digital marketing campaign.

There’s more to search engine optimization than having the words ‘Mexican Food’ appear in your online copy (although it is a good start). SEO specialists can advise on the words and phrases your customers are craving.

And don’t forget to think about local SEO. If you are operating a single restaurant, focus on the neighbourhood and community where you operate.

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Make Your Meals More Appealing with Social Media Marketing

Getting on as many social media platforms as you can is good for business.

Creating accounts for your restaurant on Facebook and Instagram are good places to start. People are always on the hunt for new restaurants to try. We suggest encouraging them to visit yours with contests, discounts, and giveaways.

Hungry people can be swayed by a few enticing photos, some flattering words, and a sweet deal.

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Improve Customer Engagement

You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy sharing your restaurant recommendations online.

When people who love dining out (your desired customers) are excited about their food, they are happy to discuss it. Sharing photos of food is still very much a thing! Make sure you give your patrons a platform for sharing their experiences with you.

Encourage people to leave reviews and photos. Yelp and Facebook are good review sites to do this.

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Take Advantage of Online Reviews

A good review is gold. And it’s something you want to share online. A bad review is never good, but it does present an opportunity to show your responsive, cordial nature.

Be vigilant in responding to online questions, concerns, and criticisms. It lets people know you’re all about customer service, which bodes well for the type of treatment they’ll receive when they decide to order from you.

It’s not just about responding to the writer of the post; it’s about creating a good impression for everybody else reading those reviews.

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Make Ordering and Reservations Easy

Is your business directing people to pick up the phone, or do you have an online system for ordering or booking a table? A savvy web agency (like Agency Media) can help you create the portal you’ll need for online convenience.

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SMS Marketing Spreads the Word

Appropriately timed text messages are good reminders for people who have frequented your website before. Having a good customer relationship management (CRM) tool on your website will allow you to stay in touch with people who are already fans of your restaurant.

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Implement Email Marketing

Once you have a customer database, staying in touch is important. Reward your valued customers with online incentives to visit again. Even the most tech-averse people out there still check their emails. Make sure they know all about your latest specials.


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