Corporate video production

Consider corporate video production if you want to set your business apart from the competition. Corporate videos are a great way to advertise your company or products online. Corporate video production is an effective way of getting branded content on your social media platforms. They are also a great way of communicating information in a way that is easily digested. Video is especially good for big ideas and unique stories, training videos, testimonials, and relaying company information.

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What are corporate videos?

Simply put, corporate videos are any videos created for your company and business. These can include commercials, product videos, process videos, and behind-the-scenes footage.

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Why working with a video production company can save you time and money

Working with a video production company means your corporate video will be in the hands of creative marketing strategists who know what they’re doing, from storyboarding to shooting to editing. Working with a professional video team will give your company and team an amazing experience and deliver a professional, polished final video.

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From video production to video editing, a corporate video production company has got your back

Video production can be a long, painful process, especially if you do not have the needed equipment, software, and experience. Creating a video concept and executing it in production are two very different things. Much like how you trust web developers to build your website, a video production company will create quality content for your marketing and communications needs instead of doing it yourself.

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A video production company creates corporate videos through a professional, creative lens

Working with a video production company allows you to work with experts, giving you a final video product you can be proud of. Quality video can be used for a few years, depending on the corporate video content. Training videos, for example, must only be updated as training policies and processes do.

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How corporate videos can benefit your company

Wyzowl, an animated video production company, has been making and publishing video marketing surveys since 2015. In their most recent survey, they found that:

  • 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool
  • 92% of marketers believe that video content is essential for a successful marketing strategy
  • 87% of marketers said videos increase their traffic
  • 81% of marketers said videos increased their sales
  • 96% of people watch product and explainer videos to learn more about specific products, services, or businesses
    The stats don’t lie; videos deliver results. Video is a flexible medium that can be used across various aspects of your business or brand.

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Corporate training videos

Corporate training videos are a simple, flexible way to create powerful training programs. Corporate training videos save money and resources in the long term and are more flexible compared to in-person scheduled training sessions. Training videos can be used for new hires, introducing new products or software, or boosting customer service skills.

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Explainer videos

Get creative with short online marketing videos that explain your company’s products or services. Explainer videos are great on a landing page on your website and on product pages.

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Video testimonials

An effective type of corporate video for a wide audience, video testimonials can bring out an emotional response from customers and clients as they can relate to the individuals in the video. Because real people do testimonials, potential customers and clients are more likely to buy a product or service if they see that it created a positive outcome for someone.

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Corporate videos as marketing tools

Video is everywhere. Most people have amazing cameras in their phones’ pockets, and video has evolved because of that. There will always be a market for professional videos, especially in the corporate world. Video footage can be used on social media platforms and websites and as a marketing tool. Promotional videos and video ads no longer live on TV. Videos can be included as part of an email marketing strategy, and they can be shown at conferences, used by sales teams as promotional videos, and more. The beauty of video is that you can get creative during the production process and how you use the finished product.

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The corporate video production process

No matter your budget, you want a quality, professional video that tells your story and sends your brand’s message in a digestible, compelling way.

The video production process starts with establishing your end goals. What do you want this video for, and why? What are your budget and scope? What is the storyline?

These questions are super important before you start shooting. But they can also be difficult questions to answer, especially if you are new to video content creation.

Working with a video production company means these questions and more. Digital content creation can be a huge tool for small businesses. From product demos to showcasing individual projects, or creating a company overview, showcase your brand and your story with video.

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Agency Media makes video accessible

We have been making video content since 2013, and as video production has grown, changed and evolved, so have we. From animation to production and other duties, Agency Media aims to create quality videos for small and mid-sized businesses.

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We're not just a digital agency; we're a video production agency

We enjoy the entire process of content marketing and video. Our video team is known for having exceeded expectations on set and during pre-production and post-production. From brand films to corporate communications, Agency Media will work with you to identify your target audience, create a compelling storyline, and shoot footage. Every company has an amazing story to tell; we cannot wait to get you in front of a camera to tell it.