Corporate Video Production Is Thriving in Langley, British Columbia

Anyone familiar with Vancouver, Canada, knows that the city is often called "Hollywood North." The Lower Mainland has earned its reputation as a popular shooting destination for the many film and television productions it hosts. The world of film production often extends across the Lower Mainland and into the Fraser Valley.In fact, multiple productions have chosen the Westlund Building (our home) in Langley as a shooting location over the years. Langley has also become a hotbed for corporate video production, with one company in particular leading the charge. Guess who?

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Creative Videos for Large and Small Businesses

Agency Media’s video production team has worked with local clients as well as national brands. Companies that rely on the directors, videographers and editors at Agency Media tend to stick with us for a long time,

The content of the videos may vary depending on the type of project, but the video team’s storytelling and eye for captivating visuals remain. A cinematic quality is always apparent in the stories we tell.

Our video marketing campaigns always succeed in engaging the target audience. And that’s lucky for us because high-quality videos significantly bolster the effectiveness of websites, social media, and digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing videos serve to enhance the creative digital services the web team at Agency Media is known for. Strong marketing and amazing video are a winning combination.

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Video Content Sells

The professional video editing and videography team at Agency Media approaches their work not as corporate videos but as short films.

The snippets of life they capture reflect the spirit of the client’s business.

Our videos deliver a perfect blend of creativity and commerce. The job at hand is to present your message and story with passion while never losing sight of the video’s ultimate purpose: to generate interest and build confidence in your brand, products, or services.


What We Do

Everything we do at Agency Media begins with a consultation. Knowing all we can about your business is an important part of the process. The finished video only works if there is trust on both sides of the camera.

Video production flows when it’s a collaborative process.

A typical shoot day on set could involve any number of scenarios:

  • Aerial drone footage
  • Talking head interviews
  • Training videos
  • Shooting B-roll footage
  • Event video production
  • Filming TV commercials

No matter the sector, commercials and video testimonials on websites and social media always attract curiosity.

Consumers appreciate an inside glimpse into the personality of your company.

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Agency Media Adapts to Your Process

Our team in Langley, BC, appreciates that you have a business to run. You have customers who depend on you, and there is money to be made. Balancing the project’s demands and your company’s needs could be tricky in the hands of a less experienced crew.

Agency Media has the experience and confidence to work around your schedule. From principal photography to post-production, our video production services run the gamut.

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Think Video Production Langley

Are you interested in hearing more about the benefits of video content? Message our team in Langley to hear from our professional videographers directly.

Your next great video marketing campaign awaits.

Let’s make something awesome!