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Trinity Western University is a Christian, liberal arts university in Langley, BC. With such a young demographic that relies heavily on social media to inform them, they needed a high level of management to be relevant, informative, and on brand.


The Challenge

How do you capture a feeling? How do you bring people into a community when they are only connected by a screen?

As a university that thrives off their student community, Trinity Western University’s online presence was lacking the spark that attracts so many to their campus. Their social media was disjointed and attracted more older alumni than current students. As an organization made up of millenials who live 50% of their life online, they knew that having a strong online presence is an important part of a potential student’s decision.

the approach

Social Media

Their social media needed both a united look and more relatable voice. The plan was to hone in on the current student experience—something relatable for both students and alumni.

Two primary changes involved vetting the quality of the photos, and posting both original and user-generated content. Our biggest impact was curating a variety of different original content. We hosted student led blogs, alumni stories, giveaways, and original videos.

Directly on the social channels, we hosted giveaways to encourage involvement and school spirit, and giveaways to grow the social platforms. School events were promoted along with the exciting things happening outside of campus.


The TWU Blog had a new publication twice a month with articles from the perspective of students and alumni, and posted on their social channels. We interviewed alumni, current students, and staff about their stories and what was happening on campus.

the results

In just under one year, we saw both page likes and engagement go up. TWU’s audience was increased by 20%, impressions by 46%, and overall engagement by 106%.

Our blog posting agreement was agreed upon later on and went over the span of 7 months. In this time we posted 21 stories, pushing them out through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We averaged 425 views per story and a read ratio always over 50%, with our top story getting just under 900 views 64%.


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